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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ORGANIZATION for brushes & makeup

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After a month of serious hauling, I had to find a way to organize my new treasures. I came up with some creative solutions. In the garage organization section of, I found this 18 drawer storage cabinet by Homak

HOMAK HA01018001 18-Drawer Plastic Parts Organizer

- Heavy Duty Plastic
- Clear Plastic
- 18 Large Drawers
- 14¾" by 6¼" by 18½" (width x depth x height)

drawers are
L 5¼"x W 4¼" x D 2¼"

Reviews for the 18 drawer cabinet were average. However, most of those people purchased it to store HEAVY tools, nuts, screws & bolts. They also stored it in a garage which was not climate controlled. As I am using this in a climate controlled environment, and the items I am storing are light in weight, this is PERFECT for my needs.

I got all 3 toothbrush/mouthwash cup holders from ROSS from the clearance table for $1 each! whoo hoooo!

Clear Glass Cookie Jar is 10 1/4" High x 9 1/4"in diameter.
I used 2 bags each of
smooth stones
fish tank gravel
coarse sand.
Check your local Walmart!

UPDATE** I found the organizer for less $ @ kmart, but the website says it's blue. It was less expensive, but I'm very picky about everything matching. I needed BLACK. One ebay seller suggested I "spray it" but I really wasn't feeling very crafty. If I could buy it in the color I wanted for a lil' more $, I preferred to do that.

Here is the link to the 18 drawer Storage Unit
HOMAK Storage Unit

I saw several on ebay for less money, but they were the wrong color & I was not feeling crafty.

Here is a link to a less expensive one.
If you don't mind spray painting it, go for it!
Kmart Stack & Store

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ok, I'm admittedly addicted to makeup. I've been building my collection for just over a year. There are just a few more items I'd like to add to make my collection complete. As soon as I think I've gotten everything I need, something else is new...a collection or an innovative item to help me to organize things better. UGH!
I'm putting my foot down. Unless I hit the lotto (& there is NO CHANCE OF THAT HAPPENING B/C I DON'T GAMBLE...LOL) I've decided to put myself on a 30 day NoBuy. Wish me success! UGH

Collection Pics to be posted soon. (Waiting for my NYX shipment 1st LOL)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

NYX 80% Blowout Sale!

I ordered the e/s kit. the shipping was $10 grrrrr! but still it was an awesome deal I just could not pass up. Be forewarned that shipping is backed up due to the overwhelming response to the sale. If I could have ordered the l/s & the #1 asstd pkg, i totally would have done so, but funds were ltd. :O)

Jump on it!


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