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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Krawls80 Inspired Look

Dayon is one of the most humble Guru's on YouTube to whom I've had the pleasure of subscribing. She is quite talented and can cut a crease like NO OTHER!

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I created this look to coordinate with these earrings.

They were a SPECIAL gift from my friend.

Check out more of her creative works.
Sabrina Jordan Custom Creations

If you are interested in custom designed earrings, please contact her at

BASE 3 in 1 makeup pencil WHITE
MOBILE LID: L.A. Colors Loose Pigment MELON
CREASE: base/NK lip pencil RED, NYX red & orange from shangrila trio, darkest RED from 88 palette
BRIDGE: (btwn Crease & highlight): Citrus Mineral e/s Pigment
kawaii overdose brand(thecuteysakura from YouTube),
LINER: Wet N Wild H20 Liner BLACK
LASHES: Sassi #747M

Milani Sunset Beach

LINE: Jordana Easy Liner Lip Pencil CORAL ICE
FILL: Jordana Easy Liner Lip Pencil MARMALADE
Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds liquid MARQUISE PEACH


  1. I love Krawls80/Dayon... she is extremely and beyond talented...Girl got major skills and needs to get more recognition. Very pretty cut the crease look dear.

  2. I feel the same way about Dayon! The Cleansweeper of all the makeup contests on YT. LOL Thanks for the compliment.

  3. very pretty look~!!! I need to visit krawls80! thank you for that!

  4. thanks so much kuhlchikk! yes, you won't regret visiting her. she's the best!

  5. I hav seen her videos&subscribed e first day I saw her,she got real talent 4sure anyway u nailed e look sis...brilliant!!!! u look beautiful love love it

  6. Sharon, I love Dayon! I know just what you mean about her talent. Thanks for the compliments. :O)


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