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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Go Green - Recycle Empty NYX Trio Palettes

After having depotted my NYX trios, I did not want to discard the cases.

There are various uses for them.

- Hold bobby pins/hair pins for on the go use.

- House mini brushes (jane e/l gel, l'oreal HiP, revlon)

- House irregularly shaped shadows that are used often.

- Hold end wraps to blot lipstick on the go. the mirror is a bonus!

Can you think of any more uses for these nifty containers?


  1. Those are great ideas. What I do with mine is put a magnet sheet at the bottom so pans with a magnet at the bottom can stick. You can put many things in the pans such as pressed face powder, bronzer, and melt concealer in one of them. Or in another you can put a melted lip balm, lipstick, and gloss. And to make one for your eyes, you could put eyeliner in one, eyeshadow in one, and still fit a brush. You can make a lot of different combinations and they are really useful for on the go.

  2. @ Anonymous...You have some really good ideas too! Thanks so much for sharing & taking the time to comment. :O)

  3. I'm commenting here even though I just wrote under your youtube video (as HappyLittleNinja). It's been a while since you posted the video, after all!

    Thanks for the ideas. I'm all about recycling and about maximizing what little makeup I have. I'm just getting into the makeup world (belated, as I'm not a teenager!) and tips like these are great.

    The beauty of your idea of using the case as a travel palette is so you can customize your own trios. You can choose the shadows and/or lip products that are your personal favourites. I've heard that the shadows in some of the trios are chalky, so mixing and matching could make your makeup turn out tons better!

    I'm curious though -- would 3 of the single NYX shadows fit in a trio case?

    If so, I'm might bite the bullet and purchase a trio even though I've heard that those eye shadows don't have the quality of the singles and those in the 5-colour palettes.

    Great post! :)

    I'm going to go check out the rest of your videos. I have a similar eye shape and I can't tell...but maybe the same colouring.

  4. oopsies! I thought you were lealyn23! ha ha :)


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