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Sunday, December 13, 2009

MAC Pigment Repackaging but Price Staying the Same! Say What?

So far, this is a rumor! Say it isn't so people!

In the grocery stores, companies cleverly downsize the quantity of food packaged while the price remains the same.

Ok, we get it, bad economy, profit margin, yada yada yada. We know that we would NEVER in a million years use up all the pigment we buy in the 7.5g jars of MAC pigment we purchase. That is why we share with friends. But I mean, come on people!
I'm a tiny bit mental because I like my containers to be the same size. CRAZY, I know!

I read this snippet on Temptalia's blog

"RE: New Pigment Packaging
Yes, indeed — it’s true, there is new packaging for pigments. I checked with MAC, and each pigment contains 4.5 grams. My information still lists the price being $19.50 (U.S.). I’m not completely certain if this is permanent going forward, but I believe it is. I have followed-up and asked if the price is indeed the same and the packaging is permanent. As soon as I have clarity on those, I’ll be sure to update. In the meanwhile, the OCD in me is crying."

Entire Temptalia blog post

Pigment is a highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. Create a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect. Does not streak or cake. Easy to blend and long-lasting. Please note: Pigments are sold by weight not volume. Containers can appear to be less than full due to settling of the product.
Bestselling Shades | All Shades
7.5g / 0.26 oz
US $19.50

Let's hope for the best everyone! UGH


  1. A letter to MAC
    Dear MAC:
    This is were I get off. Please don't think that you are the only game in town. If you think I'm going to participate in this type of practice then you are mistaken. Can you say Nars, NYX, MUFE, L'Oreal? Maybe you should rethink insulting your customers like this. I would really hate to see you being sold at my local Walmart next to Hard Candy.


  2. LOL @ "next to hard candy". Let's hope this is just a rumor!

  3. I really do hope this is a rumor, we have ridiculous prices here in Argentina in the first place, and the last thing we need is an increase in price and decrease in size. So unfair!

  4. Marce, I hope so too! I will be following Temptalia's blog for any updates. I am not sure if the new size is the same as they put in the holiday collections. UGH! Pigments are MESSY! but I love 'em!

  5. lol @Vixxan. I don't buy full size jars anyway. I think it is a waste of money to spend that much knowing I will never use it up. I just get samples. That gives me a collection of colors with just enough product for my needs.

  6. lol @ Vixxan, I don't own any but, I agree with Mz. More so I end up buying samples from various pigment company like TKB trading and others.

  7. This is exactly why I'd rather just buy a good sized pigment sample and just press it. MAC is tryin to play with people's emotions. Looks like more people will buy the holiday pigment sets more often. Doesn't MAC realize that if they sold the pigments in smaller jars they would make more money by DECREASING the price? Dummies..Loreal hip pigments for the win! lol

  8. One day I'm going to just sit down & press pigments. No time soon though. I have to get my mind right. & Jenny, the verdict is still out on whether or not the price will remain the same. Let's hope for the best girl. Ridiculous if they don't lower the price, just ridiculous!

  9. I nominated you for an award on my blog hon. I so love your blog! :)

  10. Unfortunely it's true!I'm from italy and I just bought a new jar of Vanilla and people from italian stores already has almost every color with new jar...same price of course...
    TOO BAD!!!

  11. Anonymous, thanks for sharing. Very disappointing!


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