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Monday, March 29, 2010

Wearing Braids As a "Protective Style"

Wearing braids can be an excellent way to protect your hair if you are trying to stretch a relaxer or just give your hair a break from the heat of drying and styling tools. It is imperative that you continue to wash and condition your hair regularly so as keep it from getting damaged. There are many products available to assist you in this effort.

Here are different braid styles I have worn over the years.

Casabas Bob

- This was my favorite style for a really long time. It cost about $90 US.
I would get about three months wear out of this style. I was pregnant here!
No foundation. WOW! Note the glow.

Casabas Bob Updo

- I pinned my braids up for a semi-formal event. Still glowing from the pregnancy.
I was so excited!

Individual Braids with Wet N Wavy Human Hair

- These braids were about the diameter of a pencil. I got about three months wear out of this style. It cost $150 US in addition to the cost of the two packs of human hair. OUCH!

I have the advantage of living in a major metropolitan area, so braid shops are quite plentiful. However, I have been very disappointed in the quality of customer service in the braid shops, so I decided to learn to braid my hair myself. I can control the amount of tension on my hairline. It is a painless experience!

Individual Braids

- I braided these myself. I only had to pay for the braiding hair (two and a half packs) and exercise patience. It took me about two weeks to get it done! I was procrastinating. It is a good idea to braid all of the edges, including the nape so as to still be able to run errands and look presentable. I simply pulled the completed braids into a ponytail and bunned them.
Overall, the uniformity of the braids was not the same as at the braid shop. However, I am convinced that over time, I will improve with practice.

Senegalese Twists

- This was my favorite hairstyle! It took the stylist about ten hours to complete. The braids are a little thinner than a pencil. They were about my bra strap length. This style of braids only lasts about one and a half months. This was the last time I went to the braid shop. I was disappointed because the stylist took shortcuts.
She made really large squares to separate the hair in the crown, where I could not see. This was the last area she braided. This is a $200 hair style. After having sat there for ten hours, and having paid so much money, I was disappointed. While I liked the results of the density of the sections at the nape and perimeter of my hair, I felt like I was CHEATED!

There are some lovely ladies on YouTube without whom, I would not have had the courage to braid my own hair.





  1. Your braids look lovely. Great job on doing it yourself. Box braids used to be my thing, definitely in high school. I started braiding my own hair when I was 11 years old, and mastered it by 14. So of course I didn't pay to get done, only for the hair. I would start my hair friday night and finish sunday morning for micros, or pull an over nighter for average sized box braids. I also did other people's hair in high school... single braids, cornrows, flat twist etc., and that is how I made extra money.

  2. @ Mz. More - Thanks so much for the compliments. The pic is from about a year & a half ago when I did my own braids. My daughter has been after me to braid her hair. I may do it over the spring break.

    Wow, you are a woman of many talents. Thanks for commenting & sharing.


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