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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Janet Collection - 1st Lady - Full Lacefront Synthetic Wig REVIEW

Janet Collection
Full Lace
First Lady

I like this for everyday. It has classic chic style.
It has about an inch of parting space in the front. The lace goes from ear to ear, There is also a bit of lace in the back should you elect to wear your hair in an up-do. It closely resembles the look of Relaxed African Textured Hair.

This is my first lacefront unit, so I have nothing with which to compare it.

Cutting the lace

Close view on Mannequin

This is made of kankelon fibers. It is soft. I would not recommend applying heat to this unit. It is not futura fiber. It has 2 adustable straps with hooks in the back. It has 2 temple combs and a small comb in the back. This wig is meant to be worn off of the face. It is limited edition. I purchased mine from a local beauty supply, but you can get it for less at Rockey Trading This unit is pretty hot. I don't know that I will be rocking her during the summer months.

I give this wig 4 out of 5 stars.
If you plan to save on shipping by purchasing from your local beauty supply, you need to be informed about the specfic wig for which you are looking, as
there are currently three different styles available. The labelling on the packaging is not clear, so it is difficult to know which one you are purchasing unless you have all of the details. Of course, there is a marked difference in the pricing on each unit as well as different styling on the models. This appears to be the only way to differentiate between the wigs.

This unit was a gift from my husband. Working on limited information, he got the incorrect one, but no hair goes to waste in my care.

There is this unit which I own.

Kankelon Fiber, Lace in front & back.

Then there is the unit
Ateya featured on YouTube Click Here to View . It is a WHOLE LACE Wig, with lace in front & back.
It is made of futura fiber, so you can apply heat to it.

Then there is

an Encore unit featured by PhillyJamzPoet on Click HERE to View YouTube. That unit is a blend of human hair and futura fibers with lace in front and back.

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