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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Favorites

Skin MD Shielding Lotion + SPF 15 for Face & Body (Thanks Nicole & Skin MD!)

L'Oreal Blendable Blushing Cream 882 SPRY
I love using this as a base for most of my blushes
NYX Terra Cotta (MAC Gingerly dupe) LOVE THIS!


Highlight - Milani Single Eyeshadow SHEER SAND
Transition/Bridge - Absolute Single Eyeshadow #34
This color is very close to my skin tone. Can't beat it for a dollar!
Transition/Bridge - e.l.f. GOLDEN GLOW

Wet N Wild H20 Liner BLACK
This has not let me down on swealtering days. We experienced two heatwaves here. Would not have survived a makeup day without this stuff!

I'm LOVING BOLD BRIGHT in your face lipsticks this month.

MAC Show Orchid
MAC Vegas Volt

Newborn Free - Demi Cap (half wig) KELLY #1

Favorite Bloggers

Melisawith1S She's a Blush Freak, not unlike myself. She's a Stay At Home Mom and she does an amazing job with her makeup!
From time to time she has incredible blog sales.

rmcandlelight *I'm Wearing China Glaze Stella* of Nails Beautiqued
has rekindled my love affair with Nail Polish (ENABLER! LOL) She never fails to disappoint with her posts. It is refreshing to see different colors on brown hands, but her nail game is on point enough for everyone to enjoy!

Favorite YouTuber
Terri is a sweetheart! She is an extremely talented artist. Her makeup skills are incredible!



  1. I feel honored that I'm listed as one of your favorite bloggers. I hope I keep pleasing you. Thank you so very much! xoxoxo ((hugs))

  2. @ rmcandlelight...Thank you for giving me permission to use your photos! You do an incredible job. I'm stepping up my nail game because of you lady! :O) ((hugs)) right back!

  3. Thanks so much awesome favs!!!

  4. @ Anonymous...Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. :O)

  5. thanx for sharing...I need those 2lippies&nail polish lmao coz everytime I think my list has gone down I find somethn I want&it grows again....

  6. You're very welcome Sharon. Yes, that's how it is for the makeup junkies. LOL Don't mean to enable. I too have the "illness". LOL

  7. You are tooo sweet!xo Just Followed!!!

  8. awww! Thanks for following Melisa!


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