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Monday, July 19, 2010

Eyes Of The Day (EOTD) - Project "Use What You Have"

I am on a no buy for a while. The state of the economy has necessitated this.

I'm on a mission to really use the eyeshadows I own before I indulge in purchasing any more colors. I decided to focus on experimenting with monochromatic looks using my new NK HD eyeshadows. It is also very hot in my area.
(This week marks heat wave number 5 for us!)
It is just too hot for a full face of makeup.


Primary Base - MAC Paint Pot - SOFT OCHRE (lash to brow)
2ndary Base - Wild Beauty - 3 in 1 Makeup Pencil - BABY BLUE (mobile lid)
Mobile Lid - NK HD eyeshadow # 3019
Crease - NK HD eyeshadow # 3020
Outer V - Jesses Girl Baked Mineral Eyeshadow - MOONBEAM
Transition - L'Oreal Matte eyeshadow - SOFT BROWN, Absolute #34
Highlight - e.l.f. Golden Glow, Milani Sheer Sand
Top Lashline - Wet N Wild - *isparkle Liquid Eyeliner - 33287
Bottom Waterline - L'Oreal HiP Color Rich Cream Crayon - 282 INTRICATE
Mascara - MAC ZoomLash - ZOOMBLACK, CoverGirl Lash Blast Waterproof - VERY BLACK

Have you played with your NK HD eyeshadow yet?


  1. Love you in blue I was thinking of ordering these e/s offline from amazon

  2. @ Beauty in a Bottle...Thnx for the compliment. I am loving blue e/s these days! I didn't know they sold these joints on ebay. Whatever you do, don't pay more than $2 a piece for 'em. Also, plz be sure the seller wraps very well b/c they are really fragile. So soft & buttery, they crumble after a while. UGH!

  3. i love the blues too.... i am also trying not to buy more products. it has to be something extremely diff than what i have or a staple that i ran out of. it some limited edition packaging comes out, i will prob buy but i am trying, lol

  4. Very pretty blue, I too need to use what I have. I need to learn how to take eye shots.

  5. Very nice, oh my what happen to the shadow?
    I fully understand about the heat it's unbearable.

  6. @ can be a very difficult thing to do, especially if you are a PJ, or a makeup fiend. I found that many of the things I was buying could be duped right in my own collex. I love the blendability of MAC e/s, but I can work even a $1 e/s if I have the right base & it can stay all day. Don't get me wrong, I still have my wishlist, LOL but there comes a time I think in every one's quest for that ultimate makeup collex where we look @ what we aren't using & determine, "Hey, let's just by fancy ltd edition pkg or unusual colors." Naw mean girl? I'm proud of you! :O)

    @ rmcandlelight...It takes a lot of practice to learn which angles are most flattering, which camera settings to use. I generally shoot in macro mode. It can also be tricky readjusting the white balance. I usually take about 15 shots just to get 2 or 3 that I like. Even after that, I cropped just to capture the eyes only. HTH. & thanks for the compliment.

    @ kimmydadiva...Thanks so much. not sure about which shadow you are referring. The Jesse's Girl Mineral shadow was so very fragile, that 1 shattered on the way home from Rite Aid. The clerk haphazardly threw it in the bag. I took it right back & secured the next one in my purse. I accidentally dropped it when I was trying to photograph the lot of them in diffused sunlight to capture true color. Thankfully, the top was closed, or it would have been a total loss. The NK HD e/s, I'm sure you already know are super hard to even open! Just prying open my yellow one yesterday, resulted in a couple bumps of the quilted pattern to just lift & crumble. I saw a couple of YT vids where the NK HD e/s didn't survive shipping. Yes girl, too hot! Thanks for commenting.

  7. @ Fashion-rocks... Thanks so much for the compliment & taking the time to comment.

  8. u look so beautiful,love blue eyeshadow a lot..had on something similar yesterday when I went to the barbers but used one of my sleek palettes lol

  9. Thank you Sharon. I love blue e/s as well! Congratulations on having the courage to chop off the damaged hair & commit to taking care of it. I know it's a big step! I wish the sleek palettes were not so expensive to ship here to the US. They look amazing!

  10. @1xellus darling if I happen to win the lottery will definitely post you the sleek palettes lol. Anyhow if anything good happens and have enuff cash will defo do that for u,Thanx for supporting my blog,I appreciate it lots

  11. @ Sharon, you are too sweet! & too funny girl! LOL You never know what you might receive via post either girlie! LOL I love makeup! Thanks for taking the time to visit & comment over here as well. I appreciate you!


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