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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Favorites


Long toothed Detangler Comb $1

I picked mine up from a Family Owned Dollar store.

This makes quick work of detangling hair. Cannot live without this!

With the arrival of colder weather, I was excited to bring out my full cap and half wigs again. It was too hot to wear them during the summer months.
Freetress Bali Girl
and Model Model Carmen topped my list!


Sunflower Cosmetics Hand and Body Lotion $1

*Olive Oil formula has the least offensive scent that does not clash with other scents I wear. Many of the other scents are too strong!

Why I love them:

- Very moisturizing.

- Lasts all day long.

- Small package fits perfectly in my makeup bag/purse.



I don't know when I will get tired of
the BlackBerry Manicure.

Business on the top, and party on the side.

Tricked out thumbs that pop when texting.
Great for the young at heart.


NYX Cream Blush

Why I Love Them:

- Great base for powder blush

- Long Staying Power

- Highly Pigmented


NYX Lip Liner Pencils

Why I love them:

- Highly pigmented and creamy!

- Application is very smooth.

- More affordable, dupes for costly high end lip liner pencils.

A must have for every collection.


Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush $2.39
from Coastal Scents

Why I love it:

- It's perfect for applying highlighter or a wash of allover color.

- Blending with transition color seems effortless with this brush.

Photo Credit: Coastal Scents

Pro Eyelash Defining Comb $3.89
from Coastal Scents

Why I love it:

- Separates my lashes before or after mascara application.

- Great for removing excess product and clumps.

Photo Credit: Coastal Scents

*Would love it if they included a plastic guard for this product. The teeth are very sharp. One has to be really careful when grabbing for this and using it so closely to the eye area. Not for the clumsy.


Animal Print
Could not get enough of this!


  1. Whoa!!!!wot a whole loada faves Sha' anyhoo loving the wigs,nails&animal prints..great taste&choice I like it I need to get me some NYX blushers,lipliners&lipsticks too..they sound interesting thanx for sharing dear

  2. Love the glitter polish... Great picks

  3. Sharon...Thanks for commenting. Love NYX!
    *laughing* I actually left out about 3 of my normal faves b/c I didn't really have any for this month.

    Traycee...Thanks so much for commenting. :O)

  4. Hey honey! I was going to respond to you on my blog but I thought I better comment here instead because I don't want you to miss it! You had asked a question about the Revlon polishes and you couldn't find the "logo above". It's just the logo at the beginning of the post that says "Weekly Drugstore Makeup Sales". Lol! It's the same logo I have readers click every week to see all the sales for the week on Makeuponthecheap's blog. I hope that helps! Oh, and btw, the sale at CVS is Revlon polishes are going to be $3.99 starting tomorrow and you get $3 back in Extra Bucks (limit six). Hope that helps! :)

  5. G...Thanks so much I appreciate the info. Awesome savings. :O)


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