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Friday, October 8, 2010

Flaming CVS - Rude Cashier RANT and Nail Polish Haul

I had a very negative experience at my local CVS Pharmacy.
The cashier was extremely rude. Upon leaving the store, I did not hesitate to phone their customer service number.
If you ever encounter rudeness from any of their employees, I suggest you do the same.

(I got..., Lilac Pastelle, Minted , Tropical Temptation, Totally Toffee & Plum Night)

Swatches later on Nails Of The Day Posts

The things we endure to save on beauty! OMGoodness!
What are your minimal expectations from cashiers? How about your mimimum expectations from chain drugstore managment/corporate?
How can we as consumers send the message to companies that we expect a certain level of courtesy from their employees?


  1. Whoa thus really bad &very poor customer service hun,so sorry to hear about ur experience,I hope u aint stressed about it. I have worked in customer service before&basically I think I should treat others the way I would want to be treated...If I ask in a kindly manner for assistance I believe I should also get help in a kindly&friendly manner. Companies should train their staff well coz with poor customer service they will lose money&customers..They should work hard to maintain a good reputation so that pple can always return to their stores&recommend friends&family to them. I think you did a good thing by staying calm&making a complain they need to apologise to u in writing&give u discounts on ur next visit hun...Somex cashiers just hav bad days maybe personally at home or at work and take it out on inoccent lovely customers who want to spend their hard earned money..I thnk I woulda gone balistic with all that rudeness but am glad u remained calm and dealt with it in a professional manner...Please update what happens..all e best ny dear. Tk cre dont stress..Much love...xoxo

  2., thanks for taking the x to read all that nonsense. LOL It felt great to get it off of my chest. Blogging can be so empowering.
    I agree 100% w/ what you said about properly training employees. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt...perhaps they've had a bad day, yada yada yada. I am glad that cooler heads prevailed. Wilding out would not have gained me any satisfaction. LOL I will def update when I hear back from the District Spvr.
    I was really frustrated when it 1st happend. Time made it better though. I think the frustration comes more from being disrespected. There are some people who are so miserable, they want to share that with others. LOL I can't let that govern how I'm going to interact with others. I still treated her with kindness & respect. I'll let the managers work it out. LOL XXX


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