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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MAC Ruby Woo (Retro Matte) Lipstick VS. Less Expensive Dupes

                                                                                  MAC Ruby Woo

Performance - Packaging - Price

Swatched Center
MAC RUBY WOO = is a beautiful classic blue based matte red.
.1 oz or 3g
It can be a VERY drying on the lips. It's good to use a lip conditioner in advance.
That still didn't feel like it helped though.
- Smells like vanilla.
It cost $14.50. Standard MAC packaging for lipsticks.
- Has a steel base and a plastic cap.
- Has notches on the base to grasp the!

Swatched Left
Revlon REALLY RED 006 = a smooth application.

1.5 oz or 4.2g
Packaging is superior to the other two lipsticks.
Has a steel base and cap.
- Has notches to grasp the cap!
- Has a clear window on top so you can see the color.
No discernable scent.
MORE moisturizing than the MAC Ruby Woo.
It' is less expensive than the high end brand.
It retails for about $7 and is available at mass retailers and or drugstores.
Sometimes you can buy it for half price.
I got mine on clearance for a couple of dollars.

Swatched Right
NK RUBY RED 100 = more pigmented (bluer base) and more moisturizing than the other two shades.
No size indicated on packaging.
- Smells like rosewater.
- It can be mattified by using cornstarch or any transparent setting powder.
(Thanks to DiamondDiva for the tip)
- Has plastic base and cap.
   Not very durable packaging, but it is good to be able to view the shade of lipstick.
- Has notches on the base to grasp the!
- It is available at beauty supply stores for $1.
This was more emollient than either of the above lipsticks. It has a different finish.
It is not matte.
Believe it or not, this was my favorite! Which one do you think looks best?


  1. Hey sis...looking good. Thanks so much for this comparison :D

  2. Hey hun,thanx 4comparison,they all r pretty but I think I would prefer the Revlon one I dont like drying lipsticks at all btw they all look pretty on u. When it comes to Mac lipstucks I only buy Amplified creme lipsticks as they r not too drying

  3. @ rmcandlelight...Hey rmcandlelight! Thanks for stopping by & the lovely compliment. :O) You're welcome.

    @ Sher...You're very welcome. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Thanks also for the compliment. I love MAC Amplified Cremes best. This was my very 1st time using one of their Matte formulas. I used a lip conditioner, but my lips still felt dry.

  4. I'm hooked on my Ruby Woo ...I think because its matte so no bleeding.


  5. Thanks for the dupes!
    Im going to try Relvon really red <3

  6. I dnt own Ruby Woo yet but I love Revlon Really Red. I love red lippies overall, always a go to for me. It is looking splendid on you.

  7. @ Dhalia...I hadn't thought of that as a bonus! Thanks for sharing. :O)

    @ Makeup On A Budget...Thanks for taking the x to comment. I think it looks best as well. :O)

    @ Jennifer...You're very welcome. I saw your post on those Revlon Mattes. Are you hooked girlie? LOL Thanks for commenting. :O)

    @ kimmydadiva...You have a MAGNIFICENT l/s collection! I love red lippies as well. Thanks for the compliment & taking the time to comment. :O)

  8. I love MAC Ruby Woo! Another very close dupe is Wet n' Wild Megalast in Stoplight Red.

  9. @ Mz. More...Thanks for taking the time to share that tip w/ us! I appreciate your comment. :O)

  10. I'm back and the NK does look best. I have to look for this one. Does it last on the lips?

  11. @ rmcandlelight...Thanks for visiting again. The NK is lasting on the lips. :O)

  12. I love Ruby Woo. Thanks for sharing some more inexpensive options.


  13. I just got the NK Ruby Red today and I have always been self conscious about wearing Red lipstick but I must say its growing on me. I also saw that Wet n Wild MegaLast Spotlight Red is great inexpensive dupe as well, and its Matte. You can get it for $2.99 at most stores and $1.99 at Five Below

    1. Chrissy Thanks for your visit &comment comment. :0)


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