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Friday, December 31, 2010

Dec 2010 Hair Report - Length Check

Slow and steady progress.
My goal for Dec 2011...Bra Strap Length and increased thickness.
Do you have any hair goals for this coming calendar year?


  1. ur hair is beautiful sis,i want it haha. 2011 I want to stsy away from chemicals will just have my hair braided and weaved thus relaxer whatsoever,thanx for sharing ur your journey sis. Happy new year to u,all e best for 2011

  2. Thank you so much for your reply on my foundation post. It can also be the primer that is no good and makes the foundation flake. when i used the Smashbox photo finish primer the foundation never flaked, but im using one from Mark. cosmetics at the moment and it looks awful. Not going to use it anymore :S

  3. @ Sher...Thanks so much for your compliment. :O)
    I love your hair goals. They sound "healthy". LOL I appreciate your comment.

    @ Christine...You are very welcome. I noticed on a couple of my posts taht my face was looking dry when I ran out of primer. I was using MAC Prep N Prime Skin. It was ok, but shimmer base was off putting. Also silicone based. I was getting breakouts. I decided to use Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera Gel until my Korres Silicone Free Primer arrived. It worked out great. You are so youthful. Your skin is probably amazing! We are often our own worst critics. & lovers of makeup want that well pulled together polished look that foundation provides. You probably don't even need foundation girl. LOL

  4. I wanna be like you sis, length and thickness. You gotta see my afro puff roots, lol! Your hair is looking good girl, keep it up!!

  5. @ Confessions Of A Diva!...Thanks for the compliments. I was slacking during the last month, but I'm getting back on my grind. :O) LOL @ "Afro Puff Roots" Get it!

  6. So happy that the Korres Anti-ageing Primer worked out great for you :)
    Im excited to try out the Korres primer i ordered, hopefully it will be here soon :)

  7. @ Jennifer...Thanks for your encouragement.
    I appreciate your comment. :O)

    @ Christine...I can't wait til you get your Korres Primer. I know you are going to love it! :O)

  8. @ justme...You think so? UGH! It feels like it's taking Forever! LOL I'm trying to hang in there. Thanks for the encouragement. :O)

  9. Hey girl, looking good! we are neck & neck lol. Im with you I want to reach bra strap by Dec 2011 if I can get even longer than that better! I also want my hair to thicken up as well. April first I will do another length check, hopefully there will be some noticable length.

  10. Hey Nicki! I love your goals. Are you using Jamaican Black Castor Oil? I need to invest.
    Thanks for dropping by. :O)

  11. No I dont have any JBCO, but I am thinking of getting some, right now I use this shae oil mix to oil my scalp


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