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Friday, January 7, 2011

What Would You Do? Scammed by a Swapper

I arranged to swap some makeup with a YouTuber with whom I had a friendly relationship.
I sent her the items she wanted. They were some single NYX eyeshadows as well as some NK single shadows she was unable to get in her area.

She never sent me my stuff. She was supposed to send me Wild N Crazy single eyeshadows.
She was pregnant and on bedrest. This was something I understood. Been there and done that a few times.  By now, I think that was just an excuse because she was running a business & those packages seemed to make it out in a timely manner.
She has her own line of mineral eyeshadows.
A couple of my friends bought some minerals from her. She apologized to me a couple of times when I asked her where my eyeshadows were.  She promised to send them. Did you get them? Because I never did. OUCH!

I consider myself an understanding and polite person.
Some have told me to just put her on blast by making a YouTube video about it.
I don't know, that's kind of messy. Not my style.
I am not really sure how to handle this.
I feel like she stole from me. I don't want anyone else to get scammed.
The eyeshadows she was supposed to send me were not of great monetary value.
It's the principal of the thing that gets to me. *laughing*

Has anything like this happend to you before? If so, how did you handle it?

If this were to happen to you how would you handle it?


  1. Aw, sis I'm so sorry this happened to you. It happened to me on ebay me and a few others reported it to ebay we did get our money back. The person that scammed us is also a nailpolish blogger. I did unfollow her.

    Do you think you can contact youtube about it? I wish I can get some of those eyeshadows for you but my beauty supply store only cares the nail polish line but I'll check other stores. Which ones are you looking for? (((hugs)))

  2. @rmcandlelight...Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I'm glad your situation worked out. I probably should just let it go. My sense of personal justice meter is out of whack. Working on doing that. LOL
    Of course they are MAC dupes.
    Lily Song
    Green Tea
    Purple Rock
    Magic Purple
    Ginger Powder

  3. A few months ago i went to visit a friend of mine and she asked me if i could buy her a dress that she wanted and could would pay me back the money. So i bought her the dress and she promised that she would sent me the money. But she never did, i contacted her but she just ignored me and would not even answer the phone or any of my messages. Tried contacting her on the chat box on facebook, then she just signed of. So i just told her to enjoy her dress, because we were not friends anymore.

    I cant believe that some people would do things like that. If its a problem of money, say so not just ignore it. Its not worth it at all.
    Thats when you see who your true friends are.

    Oh im so sorry that you had to go through that too. I hope she will send you the products like she promised.

    xoxoxo Christine

  4. I am being scammed right now and its not pretty. I will cover this more later. Too peeved to think straight declarative statements are declaring war.

  5. And yes sis, I am truly sorry that this happen to a sweet person such as angers me that ppl would just up and do that to one another. Why? What do you possibly gain from cheating a person or lying to them? I mean you want to go to hell on a technicality - really?
    Its despicable.
    Again - my apologies that that happened to you.

  6. Im really sorry that this happened 2u Sis,this woman should be ashamed of herself she needs a big slap haha lol Im jus kidding..Idk but if u strong enuff2do a video abt it go ahead hun...Its so sad pple can be so mean,wicked&evil in this world and they take advantage of ur caring personality

    If this happened to me I honestly wouldnt know what2do,If pple treat me bad I will be as bad as I come I will probably be fuming&want2punch her face haha Lmao. I can be nice to pple but it takes a lot of gut for me2exchange things with strangers hehe.I dont mind if u r my friend but ur experience has made me very cautious.

    I hope u resolve this e best way4u &get ur stuff dear...

  7. This is NOT right..
    but its quite a situation.. i think maybe you should say something because it would be bad if others got scammed too :(

  8. Definitely not a good look! I understand her being pregnant and on bed rest, but she should have asked someone reliable to handle her business. But let her know how you feel about it, because if the shoe was on the other foot she would do the same!

  9. I was scammed at the beginning of 2009 by a blogger claiming to sell NYX products. She even had another blogger feature her on their blog. If I were u, I would definitely blast hr, just so that she doesn't get over on any1 else,

  10. dag, that's messed up. sorry that happened to you. i totally agree with you on the principle of it all. she should at least pay pal you back the cost of getting her items.... ah well... there are always sour apples in the barrel.

  11. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. So far, knock wood, I haven't had any of my swap partners fail to send their end. If it were me, I'd start a thread on swaptawk (yuku forum for this sort of thing) so it would be documented there to warn others, and also leave a comment on her site asking her to please contact you about the swap items she hasn't sent--not because I think she'll send them, but so others may see it there and be warned.

  12. So sorry this is happening to you Sha. I treat people accordingly and I would put her on blast. She is wrong for what she did to you and I wouldn't want her to scam others as well. People need to be made aware.

  13. ahhh, wish that Sephora could ship to Norway, i really want that set :(

  14. This happened to me and I filed a complaint with USPS. I believe they contacted her, because almost a YEAR later, she sent my end. LOL!


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