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Monday, October 19, 2009

Got Flakes? - Take Care of Your Skin!

Brrrr! Temperatures in my area have dipped below normal.
You may feel that familiar crack of dry skin.
I love love love my too hot showers. I know, that's terrible right?
I'm working on lowering the temperature gradually because I know that HOT water is terrible for my skin. The skin is the largest organ of our bodies. It is a marvel of design. Like a wetsuit. It is essential to drink enough water during colder months. It is also imperative to properly moisturize after showers & baths. Many of the products we use on our skin deplete it of natural oils. These need to be replenished. My current routine includes the use of some critical components.

1. A Korean Washcloth. I got mine from Walmart. If you are fortunate enough to have an Asian grocery store in your area, you may be able to find these. It is similiar to a kitchen scrubber sponge. The mesh kind, not the brillo type. I exfoliate DAILY. It is made of nylon & feels like the a cat's tongue. You may be able to find these on ebay.

2. A Gentle Cleansing Agent: I'm using Bath & Body Works discontinued works BREATHE collection. (got this from an outlet mall on the low)
It is a soap free formula. From time to time, I use Dove, Cucumber Melon bar.
I'm interested in trying Dove Nutrium.

3. Superior Moisturizing Routine: Olive Oil most closely resembles our skin's natural oils. When I get out of the shower, I use a blend of olive oils. Mine has regular & extra virgin olive oil together. After that, I break off a piece of raw shea butter & the warmth from my hands melts it. I concentrate on rough patches like ankles, knees & elbows. I also add some to my eczema areas. Warning, you may feel like a NAP after this treatment. There is nothing like a good rubdown to release endorphins.

4. DETOX & Supplement: Sugar is the enemy. Did you know that it causes our cells to age? YES! I drink a cup of Dandelion Root Tea every morning.
I drink it without any sweets. This is a detoxifying tea. I also have increased my intake of fresh fruits & veggies. I am working hard to be consistent with my intake of essential suppliments. I feel this is critical to great looking skin. I take Omega-3, & Flax Seed Oil for this. I have seen a marked difference in the smoothness & softness of my skin as a result of this routine. I hope you find it helpful.

special thanks to just me of
& stacy (
for the inspiration for this post
check out their blogs, they're awesome!


  1. Isn't dandelion root tea bitter? Maybe I'm thinking of another tea. If it is bitter, you're just like my parents, they love that stuff! You can't tell old school Haitian nothing about bitter tea lol.

  2. Yes, Dandelion Root Tea is somewhat bitter. I suppose I'm used to it b/c my mom used to give it to us as children. Bitter teas are great for detoxing the liver. I still haven't been able to open my cerasee tea though. (skeerd) LOL Supposed to take that just aft your pd to replenish essential nutrients/minerals. I've had it for MONTHS! I'm fortunate enough to have a Jamaican grocery store in my neighborhood, so I can buy these things anyx.


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