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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NYX Single Eyeshadow Collection with Swatches

01 black
08 october sky
30 khaki
36 chocolate
37 sweet lagoon
39 slate
42 grey

46 navy
50 salmon
58 peach
60 aqua
63 platinum
65 red bean
67 shimmer

72 walnut bronze
75 jazzy bronze
77 aqua marine
78 beanie
80 mink brown
82 jade
83 skin

84 toffee
85 sunset
88 algae
90 apricot moose
94 luxor
101 mermaid green
103 hollywood

109 sunrise
119 cream cheese
128 24 karet
129 mediterranean
130 wildflower
132 alaska
131 dust

133 olive green
134 cedar wood
140 snow cone
145 marrakesh
146 egg white
147 pink oleander
150 eutopia

151 earthy
153 ballerina
155 halaiwa


  1. I love NYX products, great blog by the way!

  2. Cheap N Fab, Thanks for the compliment as well as commenting & following. :O)

  3. These would have been such a great addition to my NYX collection. I'm sorry I had to miss out on these at the time. I'm still regretting it...still.
    Such pretty colors.

  4. @ Diamond...I'm regretting having missed out on the lipstick bundles. :O)

  5. good lord you have all those colours.l really like this makeup brand

  6. @ Elizabeth. LOL I was able to get them at a really good price during one of the NYX Bundle sales. They haven't had very many more as good as this though. I appreciate your comment.

  7. Nice blog and I love Nyx too :) I only have few of those eye shadows but I'm trying to get more of them all the time. It's kinda hard when you're living in Finland where they don't sell it in shops, only in few online shops. :( And I don't think they even sell all those shades anymore :( Such beautiful many of them. :)Aloha is my favourite. It goes with so many other shades and can be worn day&night.

  8. Thanks for the swatches, really helpful!! I love Nyx!


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