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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sally Hansen Microwaveable Eyebrow, Face & Lip Wax REVIEW

Photo Credit: Sally Hansen

No Strips Needed!

Quickly and effectively removes unwanted facial hair.
Easy to use - just apply and peel away!
Warms in seconds in the microwave.
Smooth results last up to 8 weeks.
Helps reduce the appearance of hair regrowth.
Salon Tested - Dermatologist Tested.
Kit Includes:
Microwaveable Wax, Safetouch Temperature Sensitive Spatula, Mini Tweezer to remove stray hairs with precision, 3 Easy to Use Brow Guides, Post-Treatment Extrasoothe Lotion with 5% Benzocaine and Complete Instructions in English and Spanish.
Special Ingredients:
Natural Tree Rosin, Beeswax and Aloe Vera Formula gently removes hair and nourishes skin.

Post-Treatment Extrasoothe Lotion with 5% Benzocaine to instantly soothe and comfort skin after hair removal.

Special Ingredients:
Natural Tree Rosin, Beeswax and Aloe Vera Formula gently removes hair and nourishes skin.

Post-Treatment Extrasoothe Lotion with 5% Benzocaine to instantly soothe and comfort skin after hair removal.

Application Techniques
For best results, follow instructions included in package.

This kit includes three different eyebrow guide stencils for perfect grooming! Choose the look you prefer, and place the sticker over your brow. The parts of the brow remaining can be waxed away, leaving the beautiful shape you desire. Heat the wax based on the specific heating instructions. This kit comes with our exclusive heat sensitive spatula. When dipped into the wax, spatula will read "READY" if it is a safe heating temperature. If the wax is too hot, the spatula will be blank. After determining the correct wax temperature, you may decide to use the small orange stick for precision waxing. Determine the right applicator and dip into wax jar. Wax should be the consistency of honey. Spread wax onto area where hair is to be removed. Be sure to apply in the same direction to which hair grows. Leave a slightly thicker amount of wax at the end, to be lifted for the removal of the wax. Once wax is applied to face, allow to cool for about 10-15 seconds. When wax is ready to be pulled off, it will be soft but pliable and still warm. Use your finger to slightly peel up the edge of the thick end of the wax. Grip this end and pull away quickly in the opposite direction of how you applied it. For best removal, pull wax off close to the skin, rather than pulling outwards. If strip is peeled away correctly, the hair will be in the wax and not on your skin! Repeat these steps until all unwanted hair is removed. Use Post Treatment Soothing Azulene (included) to soothe and care for skin, and remove traces of excess wax.

My Thoughts:

I decided several years ago that rather than waste my money at my local nail salon for eyebrow waxing, I'd attempt the job myself. Afterall, it cost me $5 for the wax kit. My concerns stemmed from my observation of less than hygenic utensils at the nail salon. (Insert "germ-o-phobe" HERE)Removal of hair can sometimes involve BLOOD. Yes, bodily fluids. How could I be 100% sure that the attendant was not reusing orange sticks? UGH! There was no way to be certain. In the long run, you get what you pay for. I was only paying $5. If I liked the job they did, I would tip a dollar. Sometimes my brows came out great, other times, they took off too much or changed the shape in a way that I did not like. Language barrier was impeding my fly brows. It was time for a change. I've been maintaining my brows for five years. I haven't waxed them in forever. In recent years, tweezing individual hairs has been my practice.

On to the pressing issue at hand..the "stache". Yes, I've always been hairy.
Not Sasquatch, but hairy enough for it to be noticable. During a routine monthly search & destroy session, I noticed that I had some darker hairs sprouting beneath my lower lip. AHN AHN! No way! I can't do a "soul patch". It occurred to me that I had neglected the Sally Hansen Wax Kit. It was time for me to prepare for the pain and stoke up the old microwave. It had been so long since I'd waxed, I was unprepared for the sting. The post treatment soothing cream was a welcome rescue aid. The result...90 percent of the stache was removed. I was rusty. I'll give it a go again in a week or two. In the meantime, I can chase the few rogue hairs with my trusty tweezers. The next day, I was left with two minute bumps on my upper lip. Typical for me. I usually follow up with toner after the soother. I forgot to do it this time. This product is very easy to use. I would highly recommend it.

I give this product 5 out of 5 stars.


  1. Thanks for your review. This review is very useful..especially for me. Thanks again for this review

  2. @ waxing vancouver...You're very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to visit & comment.


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