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Monday, November 8, 2010

MAC 217 Brush - What's All the Hype?

I am a bargain shopper by nature. Even if I may have the money to buy a high end item, there is a checklist of prerequisites that must be met before I invest in it. That having been said, I did my due diligence researching the 217 brush. After careful consideration, I added it to my arsenal of brushes.

Website Promises

"For shading or blending of colour or creamy products. This brush has fine, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules."

I love this brush. I can achieve the same blending by using four other less expensive brushes.
However, I can complete an entire look using just this one brush. This saves me a lot of time.
That alone makes it worth the investment. I have been using it for a month.

Here's the breakdown

Shedding is minimal.
Washes well.
Can be used with creams and powders.
Light weight handle.

Stains, but one can educate one's self on the proper cleaning of this type of brush. A cleanse off oil may remove stains.
Price $22.50 OUCH!

If you invest in no other expensive eyeshadow brush, this is the one you MUST HAVE in your tool kit.
Do you own this brush? Is it on your Wish List?


  1. I have to agree with you on this one. This is an awesome brush for just about everything.

  2. i have never tried MAC brushes before. I think they are a little expensive. I use Sigma Brushes, and i love them so much. :)

    Have always wanted a MAC blending brush :)

    xoxo Christine

  3. great review hun,Imma check it out thanx for info

  4. @ Vixxan...Hey Lady! Thanks for taking the time to view & comment! :O)

    @ Christine...Your new icon photo is cool! Artsy! Love it! I have purchased MAC brush kits in the past. They are manufactured not hand made like the regular product line. This was my 1st purchase from the regular product line. So far I am happy. I only own 1 Sigma Brush, the F80. I need another one. :O)

    @ Sharon...Thanks for visiting & commenting. You're very welcome. :O)

  5. i LOVEEE that brush. it does effortless blending. since u have tried that, u shuld definatly check out the 222 and 224. they do amazing jobs as well

  6. Shedding will stop after you wash it a couple of times

  7. thnx 4 the post! I think I will add to my Christmas wish list...The Tartan Tale eye define brush set is an investment, for the price!

  8. KayKay...Thanks so much for the suggestions. I have to baby step it though girl. woooo! LOL 224 is def on my list.

    Traycee...Thanks :O)

    ProfeChanel...You're very welcome. I got both of my brush sets from the CCO for added savings. I think they were about $35 each. There IS one of the sets in Tartan Tale collex which I thought had some great brushes I'd love to add to my collex. :O)

  9. I have it in the SE Kit and I love it, but I also bought the Crown 433 or 443 and it is very comparable(if not the same). The more Crown, Royal and Langnickel brushes I find that are comparable to MAC.... the less I buy of MAC unless it is unique and I can use it. :)

  10. Heeey Tantalizing EyezMUA...Thanks for your feedback & input. I have a lot of Coastal Scents Brushes (some are the same as Crown). I heard Revlon makes some really good brushes as well. It's great to see your comment. :O)

  11. Thanks for the review. I own this brush and it does not shed but it stains big time. It blends so well. I love it!! I am a new follower. I love makeup too

  12. I have this brush in my kit...LOVE it. You hit all the points.


  13. Tinuke...You're very welcome. Thank you for following & commenting. :O)

    Dhalia...Heeeey Lady! Thanks for taking the time to visit & comment. :O)


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