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Monday, November 8, 2010

Nails Of The Day (NOTD) - Wet N Wild Craze GOLDMINE

Welcome to all the new followers & thanks to all who have continued to support me even during my absence.
I am sharing Wet N Wild Craze GOLDMINE with you today.

It is very sheer. I had to apply 5 coats to get this to be opaque. It is still lovely. If you don't mind the 5 coats, I say find this and buy it. :O)
Blackberry Thumbs adding 1 coat of NK INFINITY


  1. this is a very beautiful color, you always have so many gorgeous nail polishes <3

    xoxo Christine

  2. Pretty color! It's nice to see you back again. :)

  3. Hey Steph! Did you change your icon pic? It's pretty! Thanks for visiting & welcoming me back. I figure if nothing else, I can keep up the NP posts. Or @ least ease back into blogging w/ them. :O)

  4. Hey beautiful sis! Missed you. I was away for a few days myself. glad you are back!!! (((hugs))

    Very pretty gold polish...would you know it's still in my untrieds :) I have to check to see if I have that NK...I believe I do. lol!

  5. @rmcandlelight...Heeeey Pretty Lady! Thanks for swinging by. :O) ((HUGS)) right backatcha! I love this color. Worth the work. That NK got thick on me so quickly. I need to get another one!

  6. @ ChristineIversen...I am sure I replied to your comment, but it disappeared! Anyway, thanks so much for your support. I appreciate that you took the time to visit & comment as always. XXX :O)

  7. I have and I have not tried it yet. I need to stop shopping. That NK polish looks really nice, too bad we can't get those here. Nice to have you back.

  8. @ Vixxan...It's your untrieds too? I need to roll with you & rmcandlelight. You guys are probably sitting on a lot of pretty untrieds. LOL. I need to stop w/ the shopping as well. I couldn't pass up the sale to jump on this color though. The pretty purple one with glitter from this collection was seperated, so I didn't get it. I thought you guys had NK down there! Thanks for the welcome. :O)

  9. Just add thinner to your polish and it will be just like new again ;)

  10. rmcandlelight...I need to invest in some thinner. Thanks for the tip. :O)


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