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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gift Haul - Urban Decay NAKED Palette with Swatches

I was pleasantly surprized letter carrier!
This is my first ever Urban Decay experience.
I'm very impressed by the silkiness and intensity of the eyeshadows.
It also came with a mini Urban Decay Potion Primer! I love that BONUS!
I am so appreciative of this gift!
Do you have this palette?


  1. Don't have it. Want it :). Nice swatches!


  2. How wonderful..I'm happy for you. At the time when I saw it at Ulta I didn't have the funds. Is it really worth it? Or, can it still be purchased? Can wait to see your Fotds :D

  3. @rmcandlelight...I'm thrilled! I didn't have the funds for this either. I hear it's very hard to come by, so I'm even more thankful! This is the end all & be all palette IMHO. Great for travel. A good safe go to palette for work. FOTDs maybe in a week or so. I am battling a cold. I don't like to play in my makeup when I'm sick. (germ-o-phobe) LOL

  4. @Cynthia Z...Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate your comment. :O)

  5. its a lovely palette hun but however I have made every excuse not to buy it,as u knw Im not much into browns lol I gathered I may never use it.I want the Too faced Enchanted Glamourland palette

    Cant wait for your FOTD with these.get well soon sis

  6. @ Sher...I talked myself out of buying it as well. LOL I've been rocking neutrals for like 3 mos now. I don't own any 2faced stuff. Thanks for commenting. :O)

  7. i have this palette and i LOVE it. Amazing colors :)

    xo Christine

  8. @ Christine...Thanks for commenting. I can't wait to play with my palette.

  9. All fooey I missed out :( I hope you feel better germ-a-phoebe :)

  10. @rmcandlelight...I am pretty sure this palette is permanent. @ least that's what UD said in an email several mos back when it was extra hot. LOL Thanks for the well wishes.

  11. Whoever sent you that is the bomb dot com *wink* I KNOW you will do this palette justice!!


  12. @Kokofemme...I know, right? Uber thoughtful! I can't believe it! LOL Can't wait to play in all the pretty colors! Thanks for commenting.

  13. Those are cute colors!

  14. @ ABIGAIL NY...Thanks for visiting & commenting. :O)

  15. Oh, I'd LOVE to try this! I have been a fan of the primer potion for over a year now. I'm more comfortable in natural looks - so this would suit me fine. Thanks for the review.


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