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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Look Of The Day (LOTD) Featuring Perfect Green Dress

Blackberry Pic

Primer: Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Shine Control
Foundation: MAC MatchMaster 7.5
Contour: elf Clarifying Pressed Powder SPICE
Base - Wet N Wild idol eyes Cream e/s Crayon PIXIE
Set - NARS Albatross

Base: NARS Smudgeproof Primer
2ndary Base: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hr e/s GOLD
Mobile Lid: Urban Decay HALF BAKED
Crease: Urban Decay BUCK
Transition: MAC SADDLE
Top Liner: Wet N Wild H20 Liquid Liner BLACK
Under Lashline: Milani Pencil GREEN GLAMOUR set with MAC FEELING FRESH eyeshadow
Mascara: Almay one coat dial up BLACK BROWN

Base: Wild Beauty 3 in 1 Makeup Crayon
Set: NARS Powder Blush - EXHIBIT A

Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense #40

Beshe HH Gaga #2
I love this hair, but it doesn't love me. I broke out in a rash near the tops of my eyebrows from the bangs.

Oversized Hoops - Beauty Supply Store

Photo Credit: Lands' End
I have been searching for a perfect green dress for about 2 years.
I wanted something flattering, comfortable and modern.
I purchased this dress from
The scoop neck was very complimentary on me as I am top heavy.
Hence the reason you will rarely see me in a full body shot unless I am wearing a jacket or a sweater. I had a co-worker snap a full body shot of me in this dress. Let's just say, we were all laughing because we agreed that it looked like there were two little people in the top of my dress. As I often tell my clients, "We all have our blessings in various places."
I found the sleeves to be a good length. I love the blend of materials in the fabric. It is very breathable.
The Modal allows the cotton to retain it's shape.
I wore it with the belt. I received many compliments.
Usually when I like something, I buy it in at least two colors.
This dress is available in ASPARAGUS, WILD CHERRY,
I would love it in black. One can never have too many black dresses.
I know I will be enjoying wearing this dress this summer.

Photo Credit: Lands' End

Do you have any new dresses for summer?
Do you like Green?

Nails Of The Day (NOTD) - Sinful Colors - CINDERELLA

I picked up this beautiful nail polish over a month ago. I need to buy a backup as I have two teen aged daughters who also agree that it's gorgeous!

I got tons of compliments the first time I wore this.
A lady asked me what color it was.
When I told her, she asked me if it made me
"feel like Cinderella."
My reply was, "No, not really."
*laughing* I just thought it was pretty.

This is the second time that I've worn it.
Duo Chromes are mesmerizing!
I see gold, pink and purple reflects.
They are tiny.

Base: China Glaze Strong Adhesion
Color: Cinderella x3
Top Coat: Seche Vite
This was difficult to apply.
It was streaky and felt like a flaky nail polish.
I do feel it is certainly worth the effort to get the true color as shown in the bottle.

Do you like this?
Do you own it?
With what other colors would you pair it?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nails Of The Day (NOTD) - Sinful Colors - CLEMENTINE

Indirect Sunlight with Flash
Clementine is a beautiful vibrant shade of orange.
I have been on the hunt for such a color for my pedicures.

Base: China Glaze Strong Adhesion
Color: Sinful Colors CLEMENTINE x3
Top Coat: Seche Vite

Indirect Sunlight without Flash

Full Sunlight

Do you like Orange nail polish?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nails Of The Day - (NOTD) Sinful Colors FIREFLY

Indoors with Flash
 This manicure is more than a week old.
I was about to change it when I realized I hadn't documented the swatches for the blog.
This is a creamy jelly. Application was somewhat difficult  because of streaking.

Base: China Glaze Strong Adhesion
Polish: FIREFLY x3
Top Coat: Seche Vite

Indirect Sunlight No Flash

It has tiny yellow gold flecks.

Can you see them?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nail Polish Collection/Organization

I purchased two acrylic racks from Premier Nail Source.
They each hold up to 90 bottles of polish.
The shipping was pretty fast. The standard fee was $7.95.  I had to pay $5 extra for each because of the size of the shelf units. I also had to pay an additional $2.95 for residential delivery. This was the most affordably priced option for me. I am excited about my new storage because I can see everything that I have.
I can also see what is running low and needs replacing more readily.
I am planning to store these in a cool dark place.

I would like to buy two more units for future use.
Don't judge me. *smiles*
How do you store your nail polish?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation - Review

On a recent trip to my local Macy's, I went to the Chanel Counter to get a sample of  Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation.
The MUAs told me I was in for a treat because they had a visit form their Regional MUA. She matched me and they supplied me with a generous sample in the shade 94 AMBRE.
She said, "I don't know what foundation you are wearing now, but it the makeup you are wearing looks pasty." PAUSE!
I appreciated her candor. I explained that normally I mix two foundations to get my color. She gave me some helpful tips on blending two foundations to get the best color.
A friend of mine told me the lady was probably "pumping me" so I would invest in the Chanel.
Looking at these photographs, I must say that I found the Chanel to be more chalky looking than my
MAC MatchMaster. They really should do something about the horrid florescent lighting in department stores.
I thought the 94 AMBRE was a good match.
I think we were both wrong.
I can attribute some of the ashiness to the white finishing powder. But for the most part, I think the color is a little off.

I was further disappointed because of it's having a scent. What's that about? UGH!
My skin is very sensitive. However, I tried this foundation because a couple of my makeup buddies who also have sensitive skin did not have any problems.
Right now I'm recovering from a break out related to this product.
I also think the color match was off. Notice the "ashiness".
I think I should have gotten a sample 1 shade darker.
I do not think I will continue using the sample. Nor will I be purchasing the full size. I am really disappointed. I wanted this to work for me. #FAIL

Color Breakdown
2ndary base - Soft OCHRE
Color - NAKED & NAKED 2 Palettes
Black liner, Mascara

base - L'Oreal HIP Blendable Blushing Cream COQUETTE
set - Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blush X-RATED

Line - NK Auto Liner Pencil MAGENTA
Gloss - MAC Dazzleglass FUNTABULOUS

Natural Sunlight

Florescent Lighting

Tungsten Lighting

I am still on the search for my Holy Grail foundation.
What is your Holy Grail Foundation?


13 years old...Bra Strap Length When Straight
This is my lil' Angela Davis.
She has been natural for 2 years.
She was picking her hair out to get ready for a gathering today.
She is my hair inspiration!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Outfit Of the Day

White Jersey Knit Tank Dress - Jessica London
Silk Blouse - Ashley Stewart
Necklace - Jessica London
Bag - Ashley Stewart

Cropped out my Senior Son. He graduates today!

Do you have any white dresses?

Scarf of the Day

Gauzy and light for summer.
I could totally use it as a wrap.
I couldn't wait for it to go on sale.
Yes, it's a Lands' End scarf.
I'm obsessed. You might also not I'm obsessed with the Enamel Green t-shirt. This was a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday excursion to the movies.
We saw The Avengers. Too many explosions! A definite guy movie. The hulk stole the show.

Do you wear scarves?
Did you see The Avengers?

The colors in the scarf put me in the mind of these daisies I photographed the other day!
I love daisies!

Natural Hair Update

Apologies in advance for the bad light and blur.
Photo was taken with android, inside of car. Background was in focus. It was a candid pic.
Trust me, I had a HAT with me that day. I am not comfy just yet. I dare not share that pic as it was clownish. Big earrings, scarf and baseball cap? Fashion faux pas! Pic just 1! Right now, I'm struggling with fairy knots. My hair is just dry! I will be the 1st to admit I am a slacker when it comes to regularly deep conditioning. I have really fallen off when it comes to daily moisturizing & sealing.
I need to step up my game. I wore these twists for a quick errand. My hair was super tangled when I undid the twists. I don't think I'll be sporting that style anytime soon. I just don't have the hang time that I want. I probably won't have that for another year. Shrinkage is awful! I am constantly fighting the urge to just relax it so I won't have to deal with the tangles.

Is your hair natural? How do you deal with the shrinkage?
Do you just accept it?

Earring Haul - LoveliiYou Button Earrings - REVIEW

Box 1: Candy Cane, Authentic African Wax Print, Blue Polka Dot
Box 2: Nautical Baby, Authentic African Wax Print*gifted pair
Box 3: Colored Chevron, BlackMusiq, RRRR
As promised, here is the more comprehensive post on my collective earring haul from LoveliiYou .

I purchased the
1 1/8 " size earrings for $6.99 a pair. These are the large size.
The Nautical Baby earrings are 1.5" and sell for $7.99.

The smallest pair underneath the Nautical Baby set were a gift to me from the owner, Angel.
Shipping prices are reasonable. Communication is excellent. I am excited about wearing my new earrings as I am sporting short hair these days. Which pair are your favorite?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Affordable Acrylic 36 Lipstick Holder

I purchased three of these holders from AzarDisplays
They were reasonably priced at $6.80 each.
There are metal Hooks which allow the holders to attach them to a pegboard if you desire to do so.

2 Holders Side by Side
My holders are housed in a drawer at the moment. I have since stored them right side up. While I would like to see the names at a glance, I'm concerned that with warmer weather, the lipsticks might melt a little, risking the marring of the top of the lipsticks.

How do you store your lipsticks?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Neutrogena Naturals - REVIEW

I was looking for an affordable alternative to my beloved Philosophy PURITY Made Simple.
Neutrogena Naturals looked like a great option.

The company promises
"Clean, smooth, beautiful skin with no harsh chemical sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, dyes or phthalates"

The only products I did not purchase were the facial cleanser that is not creamy and the face and body bar.

I found the products to be super affordable ranging in price from $7.49 to $13.99.
I was able to get some of them on a BOGO
(Buy 1 Get 1 Free or 1/2 Price) from Rite Aid.

They are also not hard to find. I have seen them at Target, Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart.
You can also purchase these products directly from

fresh cleansing makeup remover
$7.49/6 fl oz.
This face wash contains natural salicylic acid found in Willowbark bionutrients to penetrate deep into pores to detoxify and help remove dirt, oil and makeup, while rinsing clean without pore-clogging residue.

I found this product to be a bit stripping.
It definitely gets the skin clean, however, it can feel a little bit tight after use. It does sting the eyes, which is a drawback. A little bit goes a long way. This cleanser foams up. I love that!

multi-vitamin nourshing moisturizer
$13.99/3 fl oz.
Replenishes essential skin nutrients and provides continuous moisture nourishment throughout the day. Fortified with vitamins B, C, E and antioxidant omega bionutrients, this moisturizer is clinically proven to boost skin's defense against dullness and roughness. Leaves skin naturally radiant, healthier and younger looking.

This product feels thick at first, but absorbs easily into the skin. I hate the squeeze tube because you can easily expel too much product. Excess gunks up on the interior lid. I do love it for everyday use.

purifying pore scrub
$7.49/4  oz
Gently scrubs away impurities and dull, dead skin cells that can build up in pores to improve complexion for fresh, clear skin. Suitable for even acne prone skin. Gentle enough for daily use. Won't clog pores.

On days when I want to exfoliate, I use this alone without the fresh cleansing makeup remover.
It does sloph off dead skin. There are tiny jojoba beads in this product. My skin felt fresh and clean after use, without over scrubbing.

multi-vitamin nourishing night cream
$13.99/ 1.7 oz
Nourishes skin with vitamins B, C, E and anti-oxidant omega bionutrients. This moisturizing cream is clinically proven to boost skin's defense against dullness and roughness, leaving it naturally radiant, healthier and younger looking today and in the future.

I do not use this every single night. I found that if I used it more than three times a week, I suffered from breakouts.

These products smell like candy. I was worried about the scent breaking me out. No problems. I would have rather if they didn't have a smell. I do like this line. It is a part of my everyday regimen.
A couple of the teenagers in my home have also started using these products with good results.
I will definitely purchase again.

What is missing from this line? An astringent. I use Dickinson's Witch Hazel, but I would have bought one from this line to try if it existed.

Have you tried any of these products?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

LORAC Cover Up - My New Holy Grail Concealer

Photo Credit: Sephora
I complimented a young lady on her flawless face and she shared her secret with me.
She told me that LORAC Cover Up was her favorite concealer.

After further discussion, I found out me that we wear the same shade in MAC Foundations, NC45/NC50.
In LORAC we are shade C7 dark.
My next Sephora purchase included this item.

It was rather pricey at $19 for just .15oz.
I am so glad that I tried it.

It has a waxy smell which I found to be a bit offputting at first. However, the visible results outweighed that drawback. It also appears to be kind of oily. There is a definite shine to this product. Setting it with powder nullifies the shine, however. It really does cover imperfections without looking or feeling heavy. It is very blendable. I apply mine with a MAC 217 brush. I set with MAC Transparent Loose Powder and a puff.
I use it to conceal my undereye circles and minor acne scarring. For undereye concealing, it can settle into fine lines. I simply smooth them out with my finger before setting with powder. I do not have a problem throughout the remainder of the day with the concealer settling into those lines again.

Right now this is my Holy Grail Concealer.

Have you ever tried this product?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fashion Forward Statement Necklace

It is no secret that I love accessories.
I recently acquired this Jane Turquoise Necklace from
It retails for $49.99, but I had a 50% off promo code.
"Buy 2 or more items, get 50% off your highest one...JLF4067"
It expires on 6/5/12.

Blackberry Pic
The necklace itself is heavy only because of the stones.
I love the antique gold links. I think it's a perfect piece for summer.
Mine arrived in a box lined with cottony material.
The shipping was standard, within 7 business days.

If you are wondering what I'm wearing on face, here's a breakdown.
Foundation - NARS Sheer Glow, MACAO
Contour - e.l.f. Clarifying Pressed Powder TOFFEE


Line - NK Brown
Fill - Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense #40
Gloss - Mona Lisa COPPER 

Photo Credit: Jessica London

Do you like Chunky Jewelry?
With what kinds of outfits would you pair this necklace?


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