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Monday, December 28, 2009

Airless Pump Review

I purchased a couple of these pumps from
for $4.00. Be sure to check out their SALE Items page.

My L'Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation did not come with a pump, so I was wasting product every time I used it. I simply peeled the label from the L'Oreal True Match bottle and was able to transfer it to the airless pump bottle.

This is an awesome investment. I bought the pump from MAC Cosmetics to go with my Select SPF Liquid Foundation, for $5.

Photo Credit: MAC Cosmetics

I purchased the incorrect foundation color from the CCO. (Find your local CCO HERE)
I gifted it to a friend in an airless pump bottle, so I could BACK 2 MAC the bottle. It makes more sense to just purchase the airless pump. It costs less and you can

the empty jar.

The airless pump holds 30ml of fluid. This bottle will prevent product coming in contact with oxygen during use to preserve ingredients and maintain shelf life. It will also help to minimize waste as product is being pushed up to the pump via a disk. It took a bit of time before I figured out how to use the airless pump. Eventually I figured out that I just needed to shake the bottle before pumping. There were no instructions accompanying the bottles.
I phoned Auraline Beauty and their customer service representative was most helpful. She confirmed that no straw was needed to use the airless pump.

Less expensive than MAC Pump
Free's up the bottle for BACK to MAC
Convenient Lid
Conserves Product
Airtight (Preserves Quality of Product No Oxidation in Bottle)


I LOVE this! I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Run & buy this, you won't be sorry.

Auraline Beauty requires a minimum purchase of $50. There is a flat rate of $3 shipping if you spend less than $150. Purchases of $150 and up get free shipping.
At this time, as far as I know, they only ship to the U.S. and Canada.

Try Ebay for the airless pump.

Here is a link recommended by MissMakeupOnABudget


  1. Great idea! I have the true match foundation as well and everytime I use it I hate not having a pump. But damn auraline beauty and they're $50 minimum. I've tried other sites to find a pump like that but with no avail lol.

    But I did get those mac style black dupes from the she space for half price so I was happy. The sale is still going on if you want to get some in before Jan 1st. They're changing they're packaging to include sifters so everything is half price! Enjoy!!

  2. No more $50 minimum!

  3. Thanks for commenting Jenny! The $50 seems like alot, right? I drop that much on a Sephora purchase to get free shipping, so I supposed I can justify it. I stay in the sale section @ Auraline. Love their empty palettes, stainless accessories as well as some of thier brushes. Worth the chunk 'o change IMHO.

    I did pick up those shespace style black dupes. I was disappointed. Ended up cutting them with other minerals for more color. There was way too much black. But 50% Off everything! Wow! thanks for the head's up.

  4. Thanks for the link Jenny, I'll edit the post. :O) didn't occur to me to ck elsewhere for the pumps. LOL

  5. No problem!! On YT someone swatched the shespace dupes wet and you could definitely see a good mix of color and glitter, it also looked good on a black base. Fast forward to 7:37.

  6. Repackaging defeats the purpose of Back 2 Mac, which is recycling and minimizing the use of packaging. Instead, if you transfer it, you are using 2 bottles, not one.

  7. @ Anonymous, Thank you for taking the time to comment. I can appreciate the SPIRIT of Back2MAC with regard to the enviornment. However, the airless pump limits the exposure of the foundation to air, meaning longer shelf life IMHO. If we are Back 2 MACing the original bottles, they are being recycled anyway. The airless pump can be refilled over & over. There are some who compost & recycle more so than others. There are those who discard recyclable items with reckless abandon. I'd like to think I fit somewhere in the middle. Yes, I do want to take full advantage of my investment in MAC products so as to redeem free product. I do not think my repackaging the foundation in a different product that will be used again and again is irresponsible. Similiar to buying concentrated window cleaner or hand soap & reusing a bottle. Hope this makes sense. Thanks again for commenting.

  8. WOW!!! I fail to see how transferring the foundation to another pump that's being reused and recycling the old one is irresponsible. I think we should all do the best that we can to help persevere our environment but I also think it's best to take some comments with a grain of salt.

    After reading your review on these pumps I purchased several of them. Now I purchase several items in large containers eliminating the need to purchase several small containers. I think these pumps are a really good idea.


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