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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Makeup Collectors, Do You Keep Your Product Boxes?

Perhaps there is some OCD chip in my head that needs to be fixed. I really don't know why I'm saving these boxes. I only save my high end boxes. It's ridiculous!
Do you save your boxes? If so, please share why you do so in the comment section.

What suggestions do you have for using empty boxes?

Some on YouTube have sugggested reusing them to organize & store makeup.

I'll probably just close my eyes one day & recycle them. UGH.


  1. I save mine too. My box collection is really sad. My husband looks at them like he wants to kill them when I know he really wants to kill me.

  2. Vixxan, are you going to close your eyes & discard the boxes? Or are you going to just rewrap your prods in the original boxes so it won't look so badly? Have you come any closer to your organization solution? Please keep us informed. I know you don't have much more time! UGH Not sure if you are within driving distance of the QVC Outlets, as far as I know, the Lori Greiner Organizers are 40% off! Wishing you all the best!

  3. I don't have a clue what to do with all these boxes and I don't know why I keep them. I am no closer to finding a storage solution. I started packing it up last week and it's scary. I feel like a idiot for buying this much stuff.

  4. Girl, I'm just trying to keep the peace! My hubby bankrolls & supports my makeup collecting. Playfully saying I could probably do the makeup of the neighborhood & still have product left. People often justify the size & addiction by saying...there are worse things I could be doing like gambling or heroin. I get it. But I am pleased with my journey. Having found out what works for me & what does not. Sharing with others, less expensive alternatives to High End (high $) brands. There is a level of confidence that comes with having been self taught after having watched hours upon hours of YouTube Tutorials. & yes, some have turned their obsession into a career like you plan to do. I don't think it is a waste in any way, shape or form. Were it not for the "customer service" aspect of the profession, I probably would be right there with you Vixxan. I have a tween that bumps up to a teen in the spring. Of course, there is a HUGE bag of lipgloss ready for her. I'm even planning her storage as I upgrade my own. So girl, don't feel like an idiot. You have shared your knowledge with others. We benefit regularly from your reviews & stuff. There are so many just starting out that would probably not mind gently swatched prods. I sorted out the "no thanks" makeup about a month ago. I'm sure 6 months from now, I'll probably be obsessing about some other thing like my wig collection & fitness. LOL

  5. Thanks. You are so good to me. I would love to give my kids some lip gloss but they are boys and they are not going for that. 3 boys no girls.

  6. You're so welcome. You know we are makeup twins @ heart. I shed a figurative tear for you. But the good part is, boys love their Mama's! I've been blessed with just one. Your quiver is FULL girl! When they get old enough, you may have some daughters in laws with which to share your obsession. Right?

  7. I'm working on it but no girl will have then. Teenage boys and be as the girls say "gross" and mine are.

  8. LOL @ "gross". 91% alcohol on any of the powder prods. I am throwing out an "unwrapped" lippy I acquired via my last ebay purchase. Negligible, considering the overall haul. I would be mortified if anyone OTHER than my girls used any of my emollient lip prods. I had someone beg me for makeup when I had my YT channel. He did not care if it was used or not. Unfortunately, I had to keep it moving b/c "beggin' benny, he begs for evray thang u got." was working my last nerve. I don't mind sharing with some. I don't like the begging though. UGH! That will get someone blocked quicker than anything. Thankfully, I don't have to deal w/ that anymore, as I closed my YT in May 2009. A load off of my mind! Bummer though about the "no thanks" portion of your collection.

  9. You two are just too cute. I'm at my desk cracking up lol.

    I used to keep my boxes but as my teeny collection has grown tremendously this year, I had to get rid of them for more space. Speaking of space, my poor train case is about filled to the brim so I am now looking for new storage too. Nothing too crazy though or it will just encourage me to buy more makeup which at this point I really don't need. I have so much stuff I haven't even used yet smh

  10. Thanks for commenting Mz. More. :O) Wishing you all the best on storage solution. I'm constantly reworking my collection.


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