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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Essence of Beauty Kabuki Brush REVIEW

Photo Credit: CVS

"Essence of Beauty's plush cosmetic brushes are made of high quality, authentic hairs and fibers. Buy Essence of Beauty's luxurious cosmetic accessories for all the benefits of high-end department store brands at just the right price. Reusable cosmetic pouch."

"The Kabuki brush can be used to apply powder, bronzer or blush. Just dip the brush into the product in a circular motion for optimal coverage and lightly tap to remove excess. Use a dusting motion to apply product where needed. This brush is great for use with mineral cosmetics. Recommendations: Follow with the 'Essence of Beauty' blush brush to add a rosy glow to your look. Instructions of usage inside.

My curiosity was piqued in this brush by many makeup YouTubers.
They compared it to the MAC 182 ($45). Many purchased this brush to carry in their purse or on overnight trips and vacations so as not to risk losing the more expensive MAC brush. Some claim to like this brush even better than the MAC comparable brush.

I was able to purchase mine on a bogo.
Generally it retails at CVS for $9.99.
It is worth every penny and MORE!

Unless I stumble upon a better brush by accident, the search is over!
This brush is as soft as my e.l.f. studio kabukis.
Click HERE (for e.l.f. kabuki review) It is however, more dense than they are.
The Coastal Scents Synthetic Wide Buffer is softer, but not as dense as this brush.

Comparative View

Overhead View

This brush is excellent for applying powders. It is dense enough to pick up as much product as I desire without being over saturated. The extra large dome makes quick work of buffing. The pointed tip allows for easy access to the more recessed areas like near the sides of the nose.

This brush shed just a little out of the packaging.
Washing resulted in a little more shedding. There was not alot of bleeding.
It took a while to dry.

I am sure my other kabuki brushes will be jealous of my new love.

5 out of 5 stars!
I HIGHLY recommend adding this to your collection.


  1. I almost got it during the CVS sale but passed on it... wow.. I am gonna get it the next sale they have on their brushes. Thanks for the review.

  2. @ rayqueenbee, I know what you mean. recessionistas like to save & that $9.99 is steep. It isn't nearly as bad as $45! woooo! LOL You're very welcome. When you finally get it, please let me know how you like it. Thanks for commenting.


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