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Thursday, March 18, 2010

MAC Haul - LUSH Samples and Surprize Meeting with a YouTuber

Today was theee best day ever!
After having celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary last week, my husband & I decided to commit to going on dates more often. We set today to visit the city.

1st stop the book store, 2nd stop MAC (freestanding).
It was my first ever visit to a freestanding MAC store.
Previously, I acquired my MAC products from Macy's, MAC Online, or the CCO.

I was excited! I happend to bump into Marsha of BrownFaceTV on YouTube.
(check her out. Love her MAC hauls & her natural hair care talk!)
She was very friendly. I think I probably scared her because I recognized her but she totally didn't know who I was. Completely understandable. My husband said we were busting it up like we were old friends. I explained the concept of the UNIVERSAL Language of Makeup! We had a good laugh over that one. It was a pleasure to have met Marsha. I am sure I will probably see her again at a MAC event in the future. Check out her BrownFaceNews

On to the haul.

I picked up
a MAC empty 15 Eyeshadow Palette. I have two of the Coastal Scents palettes , but I wanted to upgrade/transition to MAC. The Coastal Scents ones are adequate, however they have a foam type substance surrounding each e/s well. It is difficult to keep this clean when shadow spills over onto it. I also watched an organizational video from EnKore on YouTube this morning.
In it he featured a $10 DVD holder which he purchased from The Container Store. It fit the MAC palettes perfectly.

I finally was matched correctly re: my foundation. Previously I had been wearing NC43. Matched at Macy's MAC counter. Waaaaay too light for me. My daughter is very light skinned & this is actually a better match for her. I used to mix it with darker colors to achieve the look I wanted. It just wasn't cutting it. How about I'm NC50. A big difference. The formula is Select SPF. I will be doing a tutorial per Vixxan's request at some point to show how I apply it. It dries really quickly.

from Liberty of London Collection, I purchased Perennial High Style lipglass and Ever Hip lipstick (Creamsheen).

After my husband took our photo outside of the MAC store, I gasped because to my delight there was a LUSH store directly across the street.

I was thrilled! The sales person was uber helpful. I generated a wish list for future purchases. He was kind enough to share their catalog with me as well as couple of samples. YAY!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Congrats on your wedding anniversary. It is so sweet that you and the hubby are dating and keeping the spark alive...

    Too cool on mtg the youtuber, and you look gorgeous in the pic hon. First time to MAC freestanding?! You are going to be hooked lol. You will love Ever Hip and Perennial High Style. I actually did a look with both today, FOTD coming tonight! :)

  2. @ Mz. More, Thanks about the wedding anniversary. Yes, have to keep that spark. He still gives me butterflies. I could do a couple of cartwheels right about now. I really enjoyed my day! I can't wait to ck. out your FOTD. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

  3. congrats on your anniversary! your haul looks awesome. i am an nc50 also but i only have nw45 in mac. it works now since I have some color (from the sun, it reddens me) but nc50 is perfect! i can't wait to see the video.

    oh i am also glad you still get butterflies after all those years! i can't wait to make it that long.

  4. @ justme, Thanks for the congrats! Nothing like a good haul to set things straight. LOL yeah, i bought NW45 too from the CCO my 1st go around. I ended up giving it to a friend. It was her color! I have a feeling I'll still be mixing & blending come summer. I would love to get a shoji screen B4 I do the vid. I changed my setup around & would prefer not to show the background. It's coming eventually though. The Revlon lippies you asked me to review are like MAC lustres. HTH. My lips are so pigmented though. Girl, I know you are having a BALL in Africa! :O) Congrats again on your 9th!

  5. i'm just reading this! congrats!! (even though we are months later!) great visit to the MAC store. i love marsha! she is too sweet. i've met her before too on one of my trips to NY. Will i see you the next time i come???

  6. @ yummy411...NP on the delay in reading the post. LOL IDK if Marsha has even seen it. I don't get up to NY often. It's been a few years. We met @ a MAC store in another city on the East Coast. :O) Marsha is a sweetheart!

  7. Im far too late but congrats sis on ur wedding far too happy for you...18yrs My God..thus a long time but May God continue to bless ur love&marriage forever. I hope I will reach as far as 18yrs like you. I been with hubby since I was 17 @least we hav pulled 6 so far7doing ok. Anyway nice thngs u got there from jealous !!!!! Been to a Mac Store once I liked it but its 2hrs away,I cant be bothered really I just go to closest counters Nway I have done a lot of chatting for today...u look gr8 btw...XOXO

  8. Sharon, 6 years is a LONG time! Congratulations to you! I don't like going into the city much. I will probably go somex this fall to back to mac & pick up something to treat myself as well. It's easier to just order online provided I can get some free shipping. Without the Creator, it would not be as blissful as it is. The scriptures say a 3 fold cord cannot be easily torn in two. :O) Thanks for your lovely comments.


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