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Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Favorites

During the month of July, I made it my mission to really experiment with the makeup I already own without making any major investments in new products. I rediscovered some forgotten products in my stash. I value my treasured high end products. However, many people mistakenly overlook the value of affordable makeup.
The state of the current world economy has made some reconsider their beauty options.

Favorite Eye Products

This does exactly what I thought Benefit's Lemon Aid would do for me.
It corrects my lid darkness and is also a great neutral base. Despite it's being lighter than my skintone, it has just enough of a yellow/white base to make colors pop. It makes my shadows last all day if I use L'Oreal De-Crease as a Primary Base.

NK HD eyeshadows ($1 to $2 each)
I've acquired some new additions.
Look for part 2 swatches soon.

Favorite Blush ($1)

e.l.f. BRONZED
This actually makes a beautiful highlight for my MAC NC50 skintone.
I think it could work with any skintone.
Throughout the month of July, I stacked this over many shades of cream base.
The results were LOVELY!

Favorite Lip Products

NK Lipsticks ($1 - $1.49 each)
I stumbled upon a MAC dupe and I am HOOKED!
New Swatches for this collection coming soon!

e.l.f. Super Shine Lip Gloss with SPF 15 ($1 each)
A must for summer!

Favorite Brush ($16)

Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki
(Formerly the SS197) F80
This is often out of stock, and now I know why! I love this brush!
I will have to order a second. I use it to apply my liquid foundation.
Review coming soon.

Favorite Hair Product

Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-in-1

Moisturizes Hair, Strengthens, Defines Curls, Softens Hair, Adds Shine, Soothes Dry Scalp, Reduces Breakage for Healthy Braids, Non-Greasy, No Drip, Detangles, Increases Body, Thermal Protection

Favorite Blogger

Tina of
never fails to disappoint with her colorful eyeshadow looks.
Her work has inspired me to work with a variety of textures and color combinations.
She is a sweetheart who always replies to questions.
Tina was gracious enough to give us a video glimpse behind the scenes of her makeup setup. LOVE IT!

Favorite You Tuber


Jessica is extremely approachable. This is quite refreshing.
She is also very creative. There is a little something for every makeup lover on her channel, from the novice to the expert. Her work ranges from the subtle everyday to dramatic and theatrical. This woman is full of talent!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eyes Of The Day (EOTD) - e.l.f. Nouveau Neutrals


Primary Base - MAC Paint Pot - SOFT OCHRE (lash to brow)
2ndary Base - L'Oreal Color Rich Cream Crayon 842 METICULOUS (mobile lid to crease)
Mobile Lid - tear duct to mid lid 2nd lightest color, mid lid to corner rosy color
Crease - Taupe Color, Borghese Warm Brown Color
Transition - L'Oreal Matte - SOFT Warm BROWN
Highlight - NK HD eyeshadow #3017 (golden cream)
Top Lashline - L'Oreal HiP Liquid Liner SWINGING
Bottom Waterline - L'Oreal Kohl Eye Pencil EBONY (yes, it's stubby, but I love this thing & am going to use it until I can no longer sharpen it) LOL
Mascara - MAC ZoomLash - ZOOMBLACK
False Lashes - WONKY random Chinese lashes from ebay
(I was determined to make these things work) These were a gift from a friend.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eyes Of The Day (EOTD) - e.l.f. Butternut Quad


Primary Base - MAC Paint Pot - SOFT OCHRE
2ndary Base - L'Oreal Color Rich Cream Crayon - 812 ATTENTIVE
e.l.f. Butternut Quad
Mobile Lid - 2nd lightest color
Crease - Warm Bronze Color
Deepen Crease - Darkest Color
Highlight/Tearduct Area - Lightest Color
Repeat colors darkest to lightest from outer v to tear duct
Top Lashline - Wet N Wild Liquid Mega Liner BLACK
Bottom Waterline - Make Up For Ever AQUA EYES pencil - BLACK
Mascara - MAC ZoomLash - ZOOM BLACK
False Lashes - Sassi #747M

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eyes Of The Day (EOTD) NK HD Colors - Peacock


Primer MAC Paint Pot SOFT OCHRE (lash to browline)
2ndary Primer Wet N Wild Envy 132 (mobile lid)
Tearduct - NK HD eyeshadow #3028 (GOLD)
Mobile Lid - NK HD eyeshadow #3022 (GREEN)
Crease - Milani BLUE ICE
Deepen Crease - NYX Navy
Transition - NK HD eyeshadow #3020 (BLUE), L'Oreal Matte SOFT BROWN
Highlight - Absolute #34
Top Lash Line Wet N Wild Liquid Mega Liner BLACK, GOLD
Bottom Water Line NYX Eyeliner Pencil PURPLE RAIN, set with Make Up For Ever #92
Mascara MAC ZoomLash ZOOM BLACK

Other Blogger's GiveAway - FREE BH Cosmetics Palette (Ends 7/23/2010)

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Eyes Of The Day (EOTD) - Bright Summer Colors - NK HD Eyeshadows

This is an homage to kokofemme of YouTube.
She did this look a couple of weeks ago.
I actually recreated this look, having thought it was original. *laughing*
Just before lining, I realised, Koko had already done this. It was lurking in my subconscious somehow. My hooded eye sister in makeup, graciously allowed me to share the tutorial here on this blog.

Primer - MAC Paint - Pot SOFT OCHRE
2ndary Primer 3 in 1 Makeup Pencil (says HOT PINK but is more like caution orange)
Mobile Lid
- NK HD eyeshadow #3026
- NK HD eyeshadow #3004
- NK HD eyeshadow #3009
Outer V/Crease - NK HD eyeshadow #3025, Make Up Forever #92
Transition - Milani - SHOCK
Highlight - Absolute 34
Top Lashline Wet N Wild Liquid Liner - BLACK
Bottom Waterline Jordana Kohl Eyeliner Pencil - BLACKEST BLACK

Nails Of The Day (NOTD) - NK Aquamarine

This is some pretty snazzy nail polish! It reminds me of electricity for some reason.

This is sheer. I did a base coat & 3 coats.
I think I should have done a couple more for opacity.

Eyes Of The Day (EOTD) - Project "Use What You Have"

I am on a no buy for a while. The state of the economy has necessitated this.

I'm on a mission to really use the eyeshadows I own before I indulge in purchasing any more colors. I decided to focus on experimenting with monochromatic looks using my new NK HD eyeshadows. It is also very hot in my area.
(This week marks heat wave number 5 for us!)
It is just too hot for a full face of makeup.


Primary Base - MAC Paint Pot - SOFT OCHRE (lash to brow)
2ndary Base - Wild Beauty - 3 in 1 Makeup Pencil - BABY BLUE (mobile lid)
Mobile Lid - NK HD eyeshadow # 3019
Crease - NK HD eyeshadow # 3020
Outer V - Jesses Girl Baked Mineral Eyeshadow - MOONBEAM
Transition - L'Oreal Matte eyeshadow - SOFT BROWN, Absolute #34
Highlight - e.l.f. Golden Glow, Milani Sheer Sand
Top Lashline - Wet N Wild - *isparkle Liquid Eyeliner - 33287
Bottom Waterline - L'Oreal HiP Color Rich Cream Crayon - 282 INTRICATE
Mascara - MAC ZoomLash - ZOOMBLACK, CoverGirl Lash Blast Waterproof - VERY BLACK

Have you played with your NK HD eyeshadow yet?

Monday, July 12, 2010

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Forever Young - KOOKIE CURLS - Drawstring Ponytail - REVIEW

Photo Credit: Troika-Inc.

Photo Credit: Troika-Inc.

Hang Tags

Troika International , is the parent company for Forever Young. They are also the makers of Red Cherry Lashes.

This ponytail would be great for women who are natural, stretching or transitioning out of a relaxer.

It has 2 combs. One in the front and one in the back. It has a drawstring, but no toggle. What's up with that?

It would be better to purchase this item in person so you could peruse the stock to get the unit with the most defined curl pattern.

Number 2 without the hairnet

Number 4 with the hairnet

This is my second time purchasing this ponytail.
The nature of curly synthetic hair is to get tangled very quickly.
I purchased this from my local ethnic beauty supply store ($15.99).
They have an ongoing special, buy 1 get 1 50% off. I love a bargain! I got one for myself and one for my daughter. I will be rocking this during the month of July as I have joined a protective styling challenge (bunning) until early August. I searched the internet for sellers of this ponytail. The prices were $20 and up.

If you want a more tame and pulled together look you could use a hairnet. If you want the curls to be free, wear this loose. I do not recommend over handling the curls. The nature of this hair is to frizz when over handled. Lightly shape it if needed. This is some BIG hair! It has a tendency to swell. If you love that, then this is the hair for you.

I suggest storing this in the original packaging to preserve as defined curls as possible. I would not recommend applying any products to this hair.

Despite LOVING this hair (Yes, I will buy this again!)
I give this ponytail 3 out of 5 stars. It is challenging to get the ponytail to look like the model without ruining it. I do love the volume and the curl pattern. However, they really need to add a toggle to the drawstring.

Dupe for MAC Liberty of London Everhip Lipstick

I obsessed with coral lip colors lately.
I picked up an NK lipstick for $1.29 from an ethnic beauty supply store.
924 Coral Pink
I quickly realised it is a dupe for MAC
Everhip (Creamsheen) Lipstick.
This has made me seriously reconsider my highend lipstick purchases.

Left to Right Swatches
MAC (Liberty of London - Limited Edition)EVERHIP
NK Coral Pink


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