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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dupe for MAC Liberty of London Everhip Lipstick

I obsessed with coral lip colors lately.
I picked up an NK lipstick for $1.29 from an ethnic beauty supply store.
924 Coral Pink
I quickly realised it is a dupe for MAC
Everhip (Creamsheen) Lipstick.
This has made me seriously reconsider my highend lipstick purchases.

Left to Right Swatches
MAC (Liberty of London - Limited Edition)EVERHIP
NK Coral Pink


  1. WoW, I am so going on a search for this, if u know

  2. @kimmydadiva...yes girl, i know how much you love your lippies. :O) thanks for commenting

  3. They look identical and that's a really big savings. You know I'm cheap when it comes to lipstick so I'm going to check my local beauty supply stores. Thanks

  4. @ Vixxan...YES! That's a HUGE savings! I'm going back for more colors soon. Will share those as well. Thanks for commenting.

  5. wow! great comparison and find! how are the textures?

  6. @ yummy411...the MAC is creamier. the NK is a lil waxy but once you break through the exterior & or warm it a lil bit, it's softer. It has vitamin E, so it's very moisturizing. Thanks for commenting.

  7. What a great dupe. Thank you for sharing!

  8. @'re very welcome and thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

  9. I too am beginning to realize that a lot of the higher end makeup lipsticks can be duped by the more affordable brands like Revlon, NK, and Milani! Your site is beautiful as always and I wish it was a better way I can keep track of your posts! My bad friend....I will do betta'!


  10. @ Kokofemme...Thanks so much for the compliment. I love Revlon lipsticks!
    I need to hit up nonpareil to round out my milani singles. NK hasn't let me down yet re: nailpolishes! I'm still trying to navigate my way thru blogger, it isn't always easy to remember to hit up your budz pages. :O) @ the very bottom top corner of the page, there is a subscribe button. You can subscribe to posts & that should help you to keep up. HTH

  11. Thank you so much for this post. I finally got my hands on a tube of this gorgeous Coral Pink #924 and absolutely love it. THE dead ringer for MAC Everhip !!

    1. You are very welcome. I'm so glad that you were able to find it & like it. :O) I appreciate your comment

  12. Yes finding it was it a little tricky, but not too difficult. Texture is very close too! After much searching, this is positively the best dupe to be found! Thank goodness for your blog!!!
    I ordered more straight from the website after seeing how wearable this is. Who knows when it may be discontinued...I also purchased a lip conditioner, an eyeshadow palette, and lipstick in Pale Gold. Really nice product for the price! :)

    1. nk has a website now.
      many of the ladies on yt are raving about their affordable e/s palettes. I purchased their single HD e/s and they are beautiful! I love their lipsticks. Not sure if you are aware that their Ruby red is a dupe for MAC Ruby Woo, only it has a sheen. You can mattify the sheen w/ powder. I did have a post on my blog about the red dupe. :O) Thank you for the feedback.


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