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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nails Of The Day (NOTD) - Sinful Colors - Boogie Nights

Tungsten Lighting with Flash

Full Sunlight

Loving the Blackberry Manicure
(Glitterific Thumbs that twinkle while "texting")


  1. Very pretty color. I love the "Blackberry manicure". Check your email when you have a chance you won my giveaway :).

  2. @ StardustStephanie...Thanks so much! I ckd it & replied! Woot woot! :O) YAY *cartwheels*

  3. Really pretty, I haven't seen this shade. I'm loving your texting thumb. lol!

    Oh and I see you won another giveaway!! Yay!

  4. @ rmcandlelight...Thanks! LOL about the blackberry thumbs. Business on the top, party on the side. LOL YAY! Yes, I'm excited about having won the give away! Thanks for commenting

  5. Have you seen the new mini Sinful colors set at Walgreens? You get 5 mini colors. There was no price on the display but I'm going back to check this weekend.

  6. very pretty likey..I think I need to start collecting more nail polish now....

  7. love the color, so pretty <3

  8. @ BudgetBeautyGoddess...No, I haven't seen the new mini Sinful Colors set @ Walgreens. I would love to get that! Wonder how much it costs. Thanks so much for sharing

    @ Sharon...It took me a longx to get as much nailpolish as I have now. A little bit here & there. It's a quick boost for my makeup/beauty needs when I'm really broke. Bright colors lighten my mood. Thanks for commenting

    @ Christine...Thanks so much :O)

  9. That is a beautiful Coral Creme. lol @Blackberry Manicure #teamblackberry :)

  10. @ Mz. More...Hey E! LOL I knew this would be right up your alley. Thanks for commenting


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