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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wearing False Lashes!

Many women have hooded eyelids. Sometimes age is a factor. I attribute mine to my Native American heritage. As I have hooded eyelids, wearing false lashes can be pretty tricky for me.
I have learned that shorter lashes look more natural on me.
It seems as if really long ones make me look kind of drag-queenish or like I am trying way too hard.
That is not the look I am trying to achieve. I like strip lashes with the invisible band. I have also applied individual lashes in the past.

I have been on the hunt for Ardell Demi - Whispies FOREVER!
It seems as if they are always sold out at my local drugstores.
I saw a youtuber substitute the Salon Perfect Demi Whispies for the Ardells.
I knew that on my next trip to Walmart I was going to purchase these if they were in stock.

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I picked up another pair of 116 lashes.

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These retail exclusively at Walmart for $2.98.
To find out more about these lashes, please visit

Please enjoy this video from Muffinismylovers2012 as she demonstrates how she applies Ardell individual false lashes. This was one of the most impressive lash videos I have ever seen.

I am so excited about finding these lashes!

Do you ever wear false lashes?
Have you ever tried Salon Perfect brand?


  1. Nice! I don bother w lashes@all I usually invest in a good lengthening or volumising mascara from maybelline, lancome or ysl yes I'm sad I know haha x

    1. Generally on an everday basis I don't wear lashes. However once in a while if I'm sporting a neutral e/s & banging lips, I like to amp it up. Also for special occassions I like to wear false lashes. I'm an everyday mascara kind of girl. Thanks so much for your support & your comment. :O)

  2. I dunno but that video makes me uneasy.. sooo close to the eyeball

    1. I would be scared to do it, but she made it look so easy. My eyes are kind of sensitive, so I probably won't be able to do it. I prefer strip lashes. I like to take them off @ the end of the day. LOL I was very much impressed by the final results. On the Salon Perfect site, they say to put the lashes above yours. Thanks for your comment Jen. :O)


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