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Monday, September 21, 2009

Depotting vs. Custom Palette Purchase

Much ado has been made regarding depotting eyeshadows from makeup enthusiasts.
On Temptalia's blog (, she demonstrated the EASE of depotting Make Up For Ever single shadows.
The current promotion from Sephora
(buy 3 single pan shadow/blush get an empty palette free) is very tempting indeed. Provided of course one can recover from the sticker shock of the shadow/blush.
Priced at $19 a piece & up, they are not for the tightwad.

People on the Temptalia message board complained about the work & risk involved with depotting MAC shadows/blushes. Apparently, MAC was listening!
MAC recently added a feature to their website where customers can drag & click products to create custom eyeshadow & blush palettes.
They range in price from

$47.50 (quad)
$177.00 (15 shadows)
$105.00 (blushes)

While this seems super convenient, I am sure there are some die hards who will be bent on continuing to depot their own products so they can back 2 mac the empties for free lippies or eyeshadows.
I recently went on a depotting FRENZY! Yes, I depotted all of my existing Milani eyeshadows. I also tested to see if my L'Oreal HiP duos would fit in my auraline palettes. They are a perfect fit with a little room left to pry the shadows loose without risking gouging my precious products. I also found out that Prestige eyeshadows fit in the auraline palettes as well!

The empty palettes are $5.25 each for both the 15 pan(36mm)/& 28 pan (28mm) size (check sale items). Their normal price is $7 Be forewarned that they are NOT plastic like many of the other palettes. They are constructed of a highgrade cardboard. They are magnetized as well. I found them super easy to clean. I also own the Coastal Scents empty 15 palette. The CS palette has foam which traps the minute particles of fall out, making for a very challenging cleanup for the palette.

AURALINE BEAUTY empty 15 palette

I'm overjoyed. I'm ever eager to make an additional palette purchase so I can streamline my storage system.

Watch YouTube's "EnKore"
depot without heat!

Check out MAC's new custom palettes @

Check out the large pan palettes @

What are your thoughts?


  1. Thanks for the info, the Auraline palettes are reasonable prices but they have a order amount limit!

  2. You're very welcome. Yes, they do have a minimum required order of $50. If you can't fill up your basket w/ that much stuff, have you considered splitting it w/ a friend? I love the $3 shipping as well. IDK how many shadows you have. but ugh, i'm planning to depot my nyx squares next. that's a job in 1/2 b/c I have more than 40. the large spot in the palette is a great size. I really didn't want to spend $12 for a MAC 1.

  3. Thank you..Great info.For the great buys from Auraline Do you have to have a license to order the min $50. order?

  4. Nevaeh, thanks for following & commenting. You're welcome. No you do not need a license to order from Auralinebeauty. HTH (hope this helps)


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