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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Feeling Worn Down? It Could Effect Your Beauty Status!


Many people have said that beauty starts from within.
Forget Lorenzo Lamas' advice, "It is better to look good, than to feel good."
That's only true of girdles. If you have ever been in a TOXIC friendship, it could take it's toll on your beauty. Yes! You really need to keep positive people in your life who will not draw the very life giving marrow from your bones.


If you don't "feel good" on the inside, it won't be long before you are not looking so great on the outside.
You NEED PEACE & TRANQUILITY in order to radiate beauty from the inside out!

I recently had to extricate myself from such a toxic acquaintance.
I must say that having done so, I feel 100% better.


Here are some signs of a TOXIC friendship

If your friend exhibits any of the following "red flag" behaviors, you might want to reevaluate your friendship...

1. Criticizes, belittles or puts you down very subtly
2. Constantly lies to you and makes promises that are not kept
3. Wants and/or demands all of your time and energy
4. A history of changing friends frequently always pursuing new friendships
5. Wants to know all of your business but does not want to share his/hers
6. Asks for your help frequently although the two of you just met
7. Appears to be very needy and clingy
8. Has issues/drama with one of their other friends
9. Appears to be jealous of you and your accomplishments
10.Tries to make you feel bad about your appearance
11. Is excessively nice to you even though he/she just met you
12. Acts fake or phony, always pretending to be something he/she's not
13. Calls you constantly 5 or 6 times per day or more
14. Has issues/drama with a spouse or significant other
15. Appears to have very low self esteem and self confidence
16. Appears to be domineering and tries to control you
17. Engages in illegal activities and tries to get you involved
18. Constantly asked for your advice and gets angry when you give it
19. Blames you for all the negative things that happen in his/her life
20. Talks negatively about his/her other friends
21. Uses friends to validate who he/she is
22. Takes advantage of you and uses you big time

(Tips from Loraine Smith-Hines)

5 Behaviors of Manipulative People

Check Out this blog for PEACEFUL TIPS

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