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Monday, November 23, 2009

What Is Your Makeup Area Like?

Gave us a glimpse behind the scenes of her makeup/video area.

Are you storing your makeup in your traincase?
Are you using stackable plastic drawers?
Have you upgraded to furniture?

What is yours like?


  1. Mine is disturbing. My containers are 6ft tall and 4ft wide. I hate the way it looks. It kills my entire bedroom look. I need to find a more presentable way to store it and maybe I should stop buying makeup.

  2. WOW Vixxan! As much as you say you HATE it, you have to know I am dying to see it. LOL & I am sure many of the other makeup people would love to see it as well. I would very much like to invest in the Lori Greiner organizers. The price is pretty high! I'm within driving distance of 2 of the QVC outlets, so I'm really considering a trip there after I've saved up my pennies. My tastes have changed considerably & I prefer hidden media etc. I also want my bedroom to look like a bedroom as opposed to a makeup studio. 6'x 4'? Sounds like you could use a couple of shoji screens to quarantine the organizers. Please share girl! I can't wait to see it!


    That's the link to the beast. I have to find some way to contain this thing. My husband is going to put either it out or me out the first of the year. Which organizers are you looking at? I was going to get something for Ikea but I am still not decided.

  4. Here are the links to two posts from my blog with really good videos.

    you can find the links on QVC under search "Lori Greiner Cosmetic Organizer" HTH

    On my way to ck out the beast.
    LOL as you say...have you considered an armoire? That way it could be closed.

  5. I've blogged a little about one setup but I've yet to post pics on the very current setup and its still a Sea of Sterilite Work in Progress - mine is a beast too...but you are more than welcome to take a look.

  6. @ Diamond...I think all of us are continuing to work on organizing the collex b/c it keeps growing. Look fwd to cking out your newest setup! YAY


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