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Saturday, April 9, 2011

NYX s119 Nude On Nude Palette with Swatches on Dark Skin

I purchased my palette from
It cost me $22.50. Shipping was $4.
I selected the least expensive shipping option, First Class Mail. The package was labelled with a neon orange fragile handle with care sticker. Despite this,
my envelope was ripped because of the weight of the palette.
It was enclosed in a bubble wrapped padded mailer. The shipper should have reinforced the end of the envelope. This resulted in a two day delay in the shipping. The USPS re wrapped the package an included a letter of apology for delay. I contacted porkdaisy about it. They apologized & said they would notify the shipping department of what transpired. Fortunately NYX made the palette so sturdily, that it arrived safely.

On to the swatches!
The palette comes with a hidden drawer of 10 lip colors.
I found these to be quite sheer. They would be perfect over a lip pencil or a lipstick.
They remind me of a waxy lip balm. Only three of the colors really showed up on my skin.

Lip Product Row

Bottom Eyeshadow Row

Top Eyeshadow Row


The palette also comes with two tiny double-ended applicators.
One is a double-ended sponge tip applicator.
The other is a double-ended lip brush.

The casing is made of sturdy plastic. The palette contains a small mirror.
It is easy to open.
I think it would be very convenient for travel.
I agree with fellow YouTuber Traycee (KissSeventySeven)and think it would also make a nice gift for someone new to makeup or someone who loves neutrals.

The palette has a balanced number of matte, satin and shimmery eyeshadow shades.
I have not yet had the opportunity to experiment fully with all of the colors.
However, they are quite pigmented.

Some have asked whether or not this is a duplicate for the Urban Decay NAKED palette.
I would have to say, "No." There are a few colors that are similar, however none are exact duplicates.
Each palette stands on it's own merits. I have used them together to create neutral looks.

I am still playing with the NYX Nude On Nude palette.
With twenty eyeshadows, the combination of looks is endless.

My Thoughts
I would give this palette four out of five stars.
I would definitely order from porkdaisy again.
Despite the delay in the delivery of my package, their prices are reasonable,
and Customer Service department was professional.

Do you own this? Is this something that looks appealing to you?


  1. Thanks for sharing this review! I've been wanting to try this palette for some time now!

  2. @ Miss Dre...You are very welcome Lady. I had been eyeing the palette as well. I was so excited to receive it. Even hubby thought the pkging was of good quality.

    @ Jennifer...Girl, go for it! You're gonna LOVE it! XXX Thanks for your visit & comment.

  3. this looks like a good buy, are the lighter colors that you swatched ashy. they look like they have ash potential but i can be wrong.

  4. @ justme...I'm enjoying the palette so far.
    The ones that appear to have ash potential are flat mattes. I usually put them over a matte 2ndary base. I like that effect except in colors like white, pink or baby blue. LOL
    There are just 4 out of the 20 that are like that. I somex mix those w/ a color close to my skintone & it warms it for me. HTH Thanks for taking the time to view & comment. :O)

  5. Very pretty&great swatches sis I need this!

  6. I find palettes so tempting--all those options in one place!

  7. @ Sher...Thanks girl, don't mean to enable. LOL
    But I think it's very nice! Thanks for your comment.

    @ KarenD...I love palettes! It's super convenient to have all the colors in 1 place. Thanks for your comment.


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