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Sunday, July 3, 2011

NK HD Eyeshadow Collection - with some MAC dupes

3001 frosty creamy white

3002 blue based pink (discontinued)

3003 frosty baby pink

3004 punchy matte reddish coral

3005 dark plum – MAC Heritage Rouge pigment dupe

3006 shimmery turquoise –
         MAC Parrot/L'Oreal hip Showy dupe with     better texture and color payoff

3007 matte powder blue

3008 matte light tan

3009 deep warm brown with gold undertones

3010 pale shimmery green

3011 frosty mauvey pink-ish purple

3012 frosty lavender (silver based)

3013 frosty tan (silver based)

3014 frosty gray-ish brown (silver based)

3015 deep red based brown (gold undertones)

3016 shimmery dark bark colored brown (gold undertones)

3017 shimmery light champagne (gold & silver undertones)

3018 frosty khaki greenish brown (silver based)

3019 frosty Periwinkle (silver based)

3020 metallic gold based blue –

         somewhere between MAC Deep Truth and Freshwater

3021 shimmery off black (silver based)

3022 shimmery yellow-green

3023 shimmery hunter green (gold based)

3024 pink/blue duochrome

         like MAC Stars and Rockets/Pink Pearl Pro pigment, but with a less blue

3025 matte blue based dark magenta - MAC Hepcat dupe

3026 shimmery yellow -

          pretty close dupe of MAC Bright Force/ slightly more payoff than Crest The Wave

3027 shimmery light terra cotta

3028 shimmery yellow gold

3029 shimmery bronze gold

3031 mid toned purple shimmer

3033 silver

3032 silvery light pink

3034 satiny turquoise - MAC Haunting dupe w/ better payoff

3035 shimmery light turquoise (gold undertones)

3037 matte black/ MAC Carbon dupe

3039 satiny electric hot pink (gold undertones) –

         Dupe of MAC Bright Fuchsia Pro Pigment

Display in my local ethnic Beauty Supply Store.

Have you bought any of these eyeshadows yet?


  1. These shades look so amazing, never heard about this brand before ^^

    Love Christine ♥

  2. I love these, I didn't even realize until lately they had numbers to differentiate them. That #3039 is the bizniz, it super pigmented till it stains, hard to remove I tell you, but I love them. Now I am gonna go make a list of my what I should get next visit to my BSS

  3. @ Christine it's great to see your comment! Thanks for visiting. XXX

    @ kimmydadiva...yeah, I'd forgotten about how badly that one stains. I was so relieved to find them for $1.49 each. I am so glad I finished the collex. I would love to see them neatly stored in a muji. That's another quest though. LOL Thanks for your comment.

  4. I always see these in the BSS but never picked up any. Awesome collection, I am going to have to try them!

  5. @ MzMore...Thanks for visiting. I hope you are able to try these & let us know your thoughts on your blog. :O) I appreciate your comment.

  6. I love these shadows but i only use them for my younger customers. They are very shimmery and very pigmented. The bronze and browns are fantastic


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