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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Accessories Haul - Beauty Supply Store

I want to go back to buy more feather earrings. There are two colors I am missing.
I love unique wooden bracelets.
The gold and silver hoops are staples for my collection.

All items were $1.

Do you have a beauty supply store in your area? Do they sell jewelry?


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with these. Sweet haul!!!

  2. @ Vixxan...I've been rocking them all week. :O) It has been a minute since I treated myself to an accessory haul. I usually do that when I'm on makeup no buys. LOL

  3. OMG Purple feather earings!! 1$? So cheap and beautiful!

  4. @ makeupattitude...I love a bargain! I also love feather earrings. Thanks for taking the time to view & comment.

  5. great buys Sis,love it all!!!my local beauty supply store sells hair&skin products,e jewellery aint that great lol

  6. How lovely! That's a dang good price! Wow! I'm a super cheapie too, so I'm always looking for good deals lol. I don't think we have any stores with good beauty supplies for cheap in my area. The closest beauty supply to me is Sally's & it's an hour away! Ugh :(

  7. @kendra30752...OMG an hour away for Sally's? Mine is 45 mins by bus, 20 by car. Beauty Supplies are a plenty. In one small shopping district near my neighborhood there are 8 stores within a 4 block radius. It makes for competitive pricing as well. I should do a giveaway so you ladies w/ no BSS can get in on some of these cute accessories! Thanks for your comment.

  8. Yeeees... feather earrings in all colors. I do have a beauty supply in my area that sells jewelry. I need to go check them out!

  9. Very pretty colors in the feathers... I will be searching my local bss this week for some of those. I love colorful items.

  10. @ Mz. More...I am obsessed w/ feather earrings. I need rehab. LOL I hope you find them in your area. Thanks for commenting.

    @ kimmydadiva...Thank you. I hope you find them too girl! I love colorful items as well. Thanks for you comment.

  11. Really cute accessories!! I luv the Beauty supplies; they carry ransom things!(*_-)


  12. @ ProfeChanel...I love the bss as well! I could totally go buck wild in there! LOL Thanks so much for your comment.


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