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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mirrored Jewelry Armoire (Updated with Price Comparisons)

I had been dreaming about this for several months.
I finally was able to purchase it. sells it for $109.99 US.
However, it goes out of stock quite often.
I purchased mine from getorganized via
ebates. I got 7% back.
My grand total minus discount plus sales tax was just over $117.
It shipped to me in five business days.
It was very well packaged. It arrived undamaged.
I was very excited to fill it with all of my baubles.
Unfortunately, my bangle collection could not be contained in this unit. I have alternative storage for them.

Photo Credit: ShopGetOrganized

Over-the-Door Mirrored Jewelry Armoire Features:

36 hooks for necklaces

100 holes for earrings (holds 50 pairs)

12 compartments for watches, bracelets and more

91 ring slots

Interior mirror

Comes ready-to-hang with included hardware

Measures approx. 14"W x 48"L x 4" Deep

Made of wood, glass, plastic, wire and foam

Made in USA

There is a full length mirror on the exterior as well as a small mirror on the inside.

It only took me about 10 minutes to screw in the hooks to hang it on my door.
If you prefer to mount it on the wall it comes with a template, anchors and screws.

I had fun filling this. It took me more than an hour.

Hanging earrings
close up.

There is a mirror
between these
2 sections.

I love this organizer.
How are you currently storing your accessories?

How does ebates work? ....Price comparisons
The link to ebates is simply for the referral.
(You will get $ card & I will also get $5 credit)

1.Once you have signed up,
2. then you type in the store you want in the right hand top search bar.
3. Any coupons for that store will pop up.
4. You simply click on the deal you want (e.g. 15% off, or free shipping or whatever)
5. Next ebates will redirect you to the site.
You can start shopping & you will get credit for your purchase.
6. If you connect to that site in a different window you will not get the credit through ebates.

e.g. of stores that sell the armoire...
csn stores (jewelry armoires direct)
get organized (shopgetorganized)

(All of the stores I know of actually buy from csn stores, or some ship from csn stores).

7. After you have navigated to the store/coupon of your choice, you need to then go to the search field of that website & type in "over the door mirrored jewelry armoire".

I chose shopgetorganized b/c I did the math & 20% off (plus $14.98) total shipping & (8% tax) got me the armoire for like $117 & some change total.
With my credit, the armoire cost me $111.00
$129.98 Regular Price
$119.98 Sale Price
-   24.00  (20% discount)
$  95.98
$  14.98 shipping
      6.72 ebates credit (cash back to be paid August 15, 2011)

$That 20% off coupon expired. But they do have a 15% off coupon. Generally through ebates, the free shipping will not apply to the purchase of the armoire at get organized b/c it is a "W" or "D" item. W=weight, D=drop ship.
get organized ships the armoire from a warehouse closest to your geographic location.

If you shop the get organized store through ebates by clicking on the 15% coupon (expires 7/31/11),
the link will take the price down to $112.
You need to add $10.00 for shipping because of the weight. That takes it to $122. Your local tax needs to be applied as well. That will be your grand total. You will receive 7% credit ($7.84) to your ebates account in 2-3 days after your purchase. The armoire is backordered until 7/30/11 on getorganized.

I do believe you can still lock in the discounts/pricing etc if you "preorder" b4 the coupon expires.
You might want to call to confirm this. They only have the armoire in black on this site.

csn stores offer "free shipping" on the armoire, but the cost is $136.99 plus tax.
on their site, the colors offered are Black, Silver, White and Gold.
The return if purchased through ebates is 2.5% ($3.42)

Walmart also offers "free shipping" on it but the price is also $136.99 plus tax.
The return to your ebates account if purchased through their link is ($3.42)

hsn offers free shipping. But the cost is $149.99. However their color range is greater.
They have Silver, Leopard, Black & Cherry. They also offer the option to break up the payments 2x.
If you choose to purchase the armoire from hsn through ebates, you get 2% of your purchase price ($3) credited back to your ebates account in 2-3 days. does not currently have any deals through ebates. Your shipping costs will be $2.99
Overstock does offer you free shipping & 5% back on your purchase if you are a part of club "O".
(It cost $19.95 to join)
The armoire is $109.99 in Black on the site. ($112.98 plus tax)
$125.99 in White. ($129.98 plus tax)
$129.99 in Silver. ($132.98 plus tax)

I believe the armoire is also available via acouple of  sellers on ebay
($129.95 plus tax  and $151.97 plus tax , available in Black, White, Silver, Leopard),
however you do not get any return for your purchase.
I hope this has been helpful.


  1. This is really amazing hunnie, would love something like this to store my things :)

    Love Christine ♥

  2. @ Christine...Thanks so much for the love. I appreciate your visit & your comment. :O)

  3. Your jewelry armoire is amazing and your jewelery collection is WOW!!! Congrats on your new purchase.

  4. @ Vixxan...Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving a comment. I'm enjoying the armoire. Hubby keeps laughing @ me b/c I keep on opening & admiring. Still can't believe I finally have it! I appreciate your support. :O)

  5. @ SwatchCrazee...I do too! Loved your vid & post. Thanks for visiting & taking the x to comment. :O)

  6. Very nice! You have some beautiful pieces :)

  7. @rmcandlelight thank you so much for visiting & leaving a nice comment. :O)


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