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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Primer
Contour e.l.f. Clarifying Pressed Powder TOFFEE
Milani Mineral Baked Bronzer GOLDEN
Tzone e.l.f. Clarifying Pressed Powder SPICE

NARS Smudgeproof e/s primer
LA Colors SUNSHINE loose e/s pigment & MAC Fix+
L'Oreal Brown Suede
Wild N Crazy Milloire over MUFE Camou Palette #4 lightest color
WetNWild H20 Liner BLACK
Urban Decay Liner ZERO
Maybelline the Collosal mascara Black

L'Oreal HiP Blendable Blushing Cream COQUETTE
R&R Contrived Blus XRATED

NYX Chestnut
MAC Prolongwear l/p
MAC Prolongwear l/p Morning Coffee
Revlon ColorStay
MAC Prolongwear l/g SHOW ME

Sensattionnel Full Cap HZ A015 #2

NARS Outremer e/s & Pretty Blue Feather Earrings

Initially I was going to pass on this e/s until I saw the earrings. $1 US from ethnic beauty supply store.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Collective Nail Polish Haul (With Swatches)

I've acquired several polishes over the past few weeks.
I work hard to catch them on sale.

Milani (Buy $10 worth, get $4 Bonus Bucks)

Techno Red (It looks more pink than red in real life. Gorgeous! Can't wait to put it on my toes Visible Nail Line still present after 3 coats)

Revlon (Rite Aid Buy 1 Get 1 50% off with $4 Up Rewards)

Gray Suede 705 (A interesting color, I thought to be sickly gray with the 1st coat, it improved with each additional coat. I ended up doing 3 to get it to look the way I wanted)

Opulent Pink 904 Warm Baby Pink with subtle Gold Shimmer (Backup of my faves)

Posh Pink 912 (Slightly Frosty Bubble Gum Pink Visible Nail Line still present after 3 coats)

No Shrinking Violet 790 (Slightly Frosty Dark Bluish Purple - Wow, opaque after just 1 coat)

Sinful Colors (Walgreens $.99 each)


Rise & Shine


Which of these shades do you think would best compliment your skintone?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Collective Earring Haul/REVIEWS (BeautyOnBlast101,Mrs.ConversationPiece,TheILLlines)

I have taken a serious break from makeup. I suppose as women, we go through different phases.
I have been hauling jewelry in the meantime.
First up are these lovely beauties I procured from Antoinette of
conversationpiece (via artfire).

Left to Right
Green Goddess ($5), Moroccan Mama ($5),
Miss Rosalie ($5), The original Woman ($5), Carribean Kiss ($8) *this pair was a gift.

They were neatly packaged and arrived in excellent condition. I ordered on July 2nd & received my earrings on July 21. Antoinette let me know she is working to improve shipping times. Antoinette has modified the backs. Instead of stainless steel backs, she is using silicone earring backs.
She also updated the layout of her website. It seems easier to navigate.
I have a couple more pairs of earrings from her site on my wish list.

Next, I purchased earrings for my Middle School daughter from

Crystal Curved Heart Tip Post Earrings ($5/pair): (Blue, Clear)
Rhodium and ceramic plated 1/2" pair of curved heart earrings, sapphire/clear crystals.
Post backs. Lead and nickel safe.

My daughter's school requires that they wear uniforms. There are strict policies regarding jewelry.
The earrings cannot be hoop styles. Nor can they be larger than 1".
She had fun selecting two pairs. The earrings arrived wrapped in bubble wrap and in a cute hot pink poly envelope. Shipping time was 3 business days. I was impressed by the speed of Selima's shipping, as well as her personal handwritten note on my receipt. I am looking forward to purchasing other accessories from her site in the future.

Lastly, I purchased 2 pair of Ice Cream Bamboo earrings
for my High School daughter from TheiLLLines
(via etsy).

Indoor Indirect Sunlight with Flash

No Flash

Her school requires that they wear uniforms, however, they are not as strict regarding accessories.
We decided to get the earrings in Orange and Navy. The microbeads are beautiful! The photos simply do not do them justice. I was impressed by the courtesy of the owner, Marcus Earl. He treated me like he truly valued my business. This seems to be a lost art. The pairs of earrings were individually wrapped and protected by bubble wrap inside of a bubble wrap mailer. The total with shipping cost was $15.99.
Shipping time was about 5 business days via 1st class mail. As a courtesy to me re: a Customer Service issue, Mr. Earl sent me a complimentary pair of the Ice Cream Bamboo earrings. I selected a green pair.
I am eager to purchase more of the Ice Cream Bamboo earrings as well as some of the Swarovskis at a future date. If you are interested in ordering anything from his site, he has generously provided a coupon code for your convenience. The code is "savvyshpr". It entitles you to 10% off of your order.

This is an honest review. I purchased all items unless otherwise noted.
I am not being compensated in exchange for a favorable review from the business owners.
My opinions are my own and genuine.

What about you? Have you purchased any jewelry lately?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

From BSL Texlaxed to Short and Natural - I Big Chopped (for the 3rd Time)

I was frustrated struggling with 3 different hair textures.
I have been admiring many locked men and women for the past few months.
I decided to cut my hair yesterday.
I was almost BSL. *shrug*
It's just hair & it will grow back.
I missed my natural hair.

Shrinkage is the Devil!

I'll still be rocking my lacefronts and
full caps for "corporate America".
I just started a new job and not everyone embraces the concept of natural hair on women of color.
This is INSANE to me. Seriously, people think you're going to "Set It Off" or something.

I feel so liberated from the struggle of detangling 3 textures.

I'm excited!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mirrored Jewelry Armoire (Updated with Price Comparisons)

I had been dreaming about this for several months.
I finally was able to purchase it. sells it for $109.99 US.
However, it goes out of stock quite often.
I purchased mine from getorganized via
ebates. I got 7% back.
My grand total minus discount plus sales tax was just over $117.
It shipped to me in five business days.
It was very well packaged. It arrived undamaged.
I was very excited to fill it with all of my baubles.
Unfortunately, my bangle collection could not be contained in this unit. I have alternative storage for them.

Photo Credit: ShopGetOrganized

Over-the-Door Mirrored Jewelry Armoire Features:

36 hooks for necklaces

100 holes for earrings (holds 50 pairs)

12 compartments for watches, bracelets and more

91 ring slots

Interior mirror

Comes ready-to-hang with included hardware

Measures approx. 14"W x 48"L x 4" Deep

Made of wood, glass, plastic, wire and foam

Made in USA

There is a full length mirror on the exterior as well as a small mirror on the inside.

It only took me about 10 minutes to screw in the hooks to hang it on my door.
If you prefer to mount it on the wall it comes with a template, anchors and screws.

I had fun filling this. It took me more than an hour.

Hanging earrings
close up.

There is a mirror
between these
2 sections.

I love this organizer.
How are you currently storing your accessories?

How does ebates work? ....Price comparisons
The link to ebates is simply for the referral.
(You will get $ card & I will also get $5 credit)

1.Once you have signed up,
2. then you type in the store you want in the right hand top search bar.
3. Any coupons for that store will pop up.
4. You simply click on the deal you want (e.g. 15% off, or free shipping or whatever)
5. Next ebates will redirect you to the site.
You can start shopping & you will get credit for your purchase.
6. If you connect to that site in a different window you will not get the credit through ebates.

e.g. of stores that sell the armoire...
csn stores (jewelry armoires direct)
get organized (shopgetorganized)

(All of the stores I know of actually buy from csn stores, or some ship from csn stores).

7. After you have navigated to the store/coupon of your choice, you need to then go to the search field of that website & type in "over the door mirrored jewelry armoire".

I chose shopgetorganized b/c I did the math & 20% off (plus $14.98) total shipping & (8% tax) got me the armoire for like $117 & some change total.
With my credit, the armoire cost me $111.00
$129.98 Regular Price
$119.98 Sale Price
-   24.00  (20% discount)
$  95.98
$  14.98 shipping
      6.72 ebates credit (cash back to be paid August 15, 2011)

$That 20% off coupon expired. But they do have a 15% off coupon. Generally through ebates, the free shipping will not apply to the purchase of the armoire at get organized b/c it is a "W" or "D" item. W=weight, D=drop ship.
get organized ships the armoire from a warehouse closest to your geographic location.

If you shop the get organized store through ebates by clicking on the 15% coupon (expires 7/31/11),
the link will take the price down to $112.
You need to add $10.00 for shipping because of the weight. That takes it to $122. Your local tax needs to be applied as well. That will be your grand total. You will receive 7% credit ($7.84) to your ebates account in 2-3 days after your purchase. The armoire is backordered until 7/30/11 on getorganized.

I do believe you can still lock in the discounts/pricing etc if you "preorder" b4 the coupon expires.
You might want to call to confirm this. They only have the armoire in black on this site.

csn stores offer "free shipping" on the armoire, but the cost is $136.99 plus tax.
on their site, the colors offered are Black, Silver, White and Gold.
The return if purchased through ebates is 2.5% ($3.42)

Walmart also offers "free shipping" on it but the price is also $136.99 plus tax.
The return to your ebates account if purchased through their link is ($3.42)

hsn offers free shipping. But the cost is $149.99. However their color range is greater.
They have Silver, Leopard, Black & Cherry. They also offer the option to break up the payments 2x.
If you choose to purchase the armoire from hsn through ebates, you get 2% of your purchase price ($3) credited back to your ebates account in 2-3 days. does not currently have any deals through ebates. Your shipping costs will be $2.99
Overstock does offer you free shipping & 5% back on your purchase if you are a part of club "O".
(It cost $19.95 to join)
The armoire is $109.99 in Black on the site. ($112.98 plus tax)
$125.99 in White. ($129.98 plus tax)
$129.99 in Silver. ($132.98 plus tax)

I believe the armoire is also available via acouple of  sellers on ebay
($129.95 plus tax  and $151.97 plus tax , available in Black, White, Silver, Leopard),
however you do not get any return for your purchase.
I hope this has been helpful.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

NK HD Eyeshadow Collection - with some MAC dupes

3001 frosty creamy white

3002 blue based pink (discontinued)

3003 frosty baby pink

3004 punchy matte reddish coral

3005 dark plum – MAC Heritage Rouge pigment dupe

3006 shimmery turquoise –
         MAC Parrot/L'Oreal hip Showy dupe with     better texture and color payoff

3007 matte powder blue

3008 matte light tan

3009 deep warm brown with gold undertones

3010 pale shimmery green

3011 frosty mauvey pink-ish purple

3012 frosty lavender (silver based)

3013 frosty tan (silver based)

3014 frosty gray-ish brown (silver based)

3015 deep red based brown (gold undertones)

3016 shimmery dark bark colored brown (gold undertones)

3017 shimmery light champagne (gold & silver undertones)

3018 frosty khaki greenish brown (silver based)

3019 frosty Periwinkle (silver based)

3020 metallic gold based blue –

         somewhere between MAC Deep Truth and Freshwater

3021 shimmery off black (silver based)

3022 shimmery yellow-green

3023 shimmery hunter green (gold based)

3024 pink/blue duochrome

         like MAC Stars and Rockets/Pink Pearl Pro pigment, but with a less blue

3025 matte blue based dark magenta - MAC Hepcat dupe

3026 shimmery yellow -

          pretty close dupe of MAC Bright Force/ slightly more payoff than Crest The Wave

3027 shimmery light terra cotta

3028 shimmery yellow gold

3029 shimmery bronze gold

3031 mid toned purple shimmer

3033 silver

3032 silvery light pink

3034 satiny turquoise - MAC Haunting dupe w/ better payoff

3035 shimmery light turquoise (gold undertones)

3037 matte black/ MAC Carbon dupe

3039 satiny electric hot pink (gold undertones) –

         Dupe of MAC Bright Fuchsia Pro Pigment

Display in my local ethnic Beauty Supply Store.

Have you bought any of these eyeshadows yet?

Lips Of The Day (LOTD) - MAC Cork, Snob & Right Image

Do you think you could rock this combo?
Do you have any pale pink lipsticks?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Look Of The Day - Cobalt Blue

I wanted to take the time to thank all of my loyal followers for continuing to stick with me despite my lack of consistent posts. Sometimes it is easy to get into a funk and not document what one is wearing.
My schedule has changed and I have not been able to post as frequently. I am working to remember to at least photograph Looks of the Day. I appreciate your support. I have missed you guys!

I finally got around to wearing my blue mock wrap dress which I purchased from
I paired it with a black shell from Ashley Stewart for modesty.
I also wore my coordinating Peruvian Earring jewelry.

I love this dress!

I really wanted to make good use of my NK HD eyeshadows.

My collection is nearly complete.
Please look for an updated post soon.

Primer - Phillips Milk of Magnesia
Foundation - MAC Select SPF NC50
Highlight - elf healthyglow bronzing powder GOLDEN
Contour - elf clarifying pressed powder (Tone 4 TOFFEE)

Base - 3 in one makeup pencil
Set - NARS Powder Blush LOVEJOY

Maybelline Define A Brow Pencils - DARK BROWN, MEDIUM BROWN
Maybelline Brow Styling Gel - TAUPE
Primer - Urban Decay Primer Potion *this was a gift
Secondary Primer - NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil PACIFIC
Mobile Lid
Inner 1/3rd NK HD eyeshadow 3019
Center NK HD eyeshadow 3020
Outer 1/3rd Jesse's Girl Baked Eyeshadow MOONBEAM
Crease/Transition - L'Oreal matte SUEDE BROWN
Base - Make Up For Ever Camouflage Palette #4, lightest color only
Set - Coastal Scents 88 Palette A-10
Line - Maybelline
Fill - 3 in 1 Makeup Pencil (Mauvey label)

Do you like Cobalt Blue?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Look Of The Day (LOTD) Soft Canary Yellow Earrings

My goal was to wear coral lips and cheeks. I did not want to over power them with bold eyeshadow. I figured MAC RockIt Yellow would compliment the corals. However,
I was having a really hard time getting MAC RockIt Yellow to work. I ended up dabbing it off and applying NK HD eyeshadow in 3026. I had to apply that with my fingers. I think I may have used too much fix plus. Or maybe the brush I was using was not the right one.

Primer - Korres Quercetin and Oak Anti Ageing Silicone Free Primer
Foundation - MAC Select SPF NC50
Setting Powder - L'Oreal True Match Powder N8 CAPPUCCINO
Contour - e.l.f. Clarifying Pressed Powder Tone 4 (SPICE)
Highlight - NARS Powder ALBATROSS

Primary Primer - Urban Decay Potion Primer*gift
Secondary Primer - MAC Paint Pot SOFT OCHRE
Mobile Lid - MAC Pigment Rock It Yellow applied with Fix Plus (Epic FAIL) NK HD eyeshadow 3026
Transition - e.l.f. 32 eyeshadow palette (everyday brights) BROWN
Top Lashline - Jane Mineral Eyeliner Gel BLACK
Bottom Under Lashline - Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil ZERO*gift

Base - L'Oreal HiP Blendable Blushing Cream ENAMOURED
Set - Milani Mineral Powder Blush MAI TAI

Line - NK Lip Pencil BROWN
Fill - MAC Lipstick EVERHIP (Cremesheen)
Gloss - MAC Lip Glass PERENNIAL HIGH STYLE (Limited Edition)

Have you ever failed at achieving a look you had in mind?
If so, did you share it via video or blog? Why or why not?

Smokey Gray Eyes, Soft Gold Cheeks and Nude Lips

I love neutral eyeshadow. I am completely obsessed with it.
I am however looking forward to trying some brighter looks in coming weeks.
I could not resist the urge to do a smokey gray eyeshadow look.

I decided to let the eyes be the star of the show.
As a result I opted for a wash of sheer gold on my cheeks and nude lips.

Primer - Philosophy Oil Free Moisturizer
Foundation - NARS Sheer Glow MACAO
Contour - e.l.f. Clarifying Pressed Powder Tone 4 (SPICE)
Highlight - NARS Powder ALBATROSS

Primary Primer - Urban Decay Primer Potion*gift
Secondary Primer -
L'Oreal HiP Paint STEELY (mobile lid only)
Mobile Lid
Inner - 2/3rds Wild N Crazy AIMES
Outer V/Crease  - Wild N Crazy MISS THANG
Transition - L'Oreal Matte SUEDE BROWN
Highlight - Make Up For Ever Camouflage Palette #4
(Lightest Color Only)
Set with Coastal Scents 88 Palette A10
Top Lashline - Wet N Wild H20 Liquid Liner BLACK
Bottom Underlashline - Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil ZERO*gift
Mascara -
MAC ZoomLash ZOOMBLACK, CoverGirl Lash Blast WaterProof VERY BLACK                

Base -  L'Oreal HiP Blendable Blushing Cream ELECTRIFY
Set - NYX Powder Blush TERRA COTTA

Line - NK Lip Liner BROWN
Fill - NYX Lip Liner NUDE
Lipstick - MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2
Lipgloss -
Outer, L'Oreal HiP Shine Struck Liquid Lip Color PRETENTIOUS

Do you like gray eyeshadow?

Look Of The Day (LOTD) - Orange Lips, Feather Earrings, Funky Belt

I have been wanting to sport orange lips for weeks.
I finally got around to creating this look today.

I got these feather earrings from my local ethnic beauty supply store.
They cost me $1 US. I think they coordinate well with my new belt.
I got it from DOTS for $8 US.

You might be able to find this belt at Forever21's plus size store Faith21.

I love stacking bangles.
These wooden bracelets were also $1 US each at my local ethnic beauty supply store.

I'm wearing Sally Hansen Chrome
Nail Polish in BLACK PEARL.

Primer - Philosophy Oil Free Moisturizer
Foundation - NARS Sheer Glow MACAO
applied with Sigma F80 brush spritzed with MAC Fix+
Setting Powder -
e.l.f. Clarifying Pressed Powder Tone 3 (TOFFEE)
Contour -
e.l.f. Clarifying Pressed Powder Tone 4 (SPICE)
Highlight - NARS Powder - ALBATROSS

I was eager to play with my NYX Nude On Nude Palette

Primary Base - Urban Decay Primer Potion *gift
Secondary Base - MAC Paint Pot SOFT OCHRE
Mobile Lid
NK HD e/s 3013 (I didn't like the way it was showing up, so it became a base for the other colors on my mobile lid)
NYX Nude On Nude Palette
Inner - 1/3rd - A2
Middle - B7
Outer V - B8
Crease - L'Oreal Matte SUEDE BROWN
Highlight -
Base - Make Up For Ever Camouflage Palette#4 Lightest Color Only
Set - Coastal Scents 88 Palette E2 and H1
Top Lashliner - Wet N Wild H20 Liquid Liner BROWN
Bottom Under Lashline - Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil WHISKEY*gift
Mascara - MAC ZoomLash ZOOMBLACK, CoverGirl LashBlast WaterProof VERY BLACK

Base - 3 in 1 Makeup Pencil (says Hot Pink but it looks more like a Caution Orange)
Set - NARS Powder Blush TAJ MAHAL

Line - NK Lip Pencil BROWN
Fill - Outer, Fashion Fair OLE ORANGE/Inner MAC VEGAS VOLT (Amplified)
Gloss - Outer, Mona Lisa COPPER #9
/Inner L'Oreal HiP Shine Struck Liquid Lip Color PRECARIOUS

Do you like the Tribal fashion trend?
If so, what Tribal elements have you added to your wardrobe?

Other Blogger's GiveAway - NailsBeautiqued - Revlon Nail Polish

Please click on the link for more details.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Look Of The Day - (LOTD) - Yellow Feathers Featuring MAC Primary Yellow Pigment

Primer - Korres Anti Ageing Oak-Queretin Silicone Free
Foundation - MAC Select SPF NC50
Set -
Interior Face elf Clarifying Pressed Powder Tone 3 (TOFFEE)
Anterior Face  L'Oreal True Match Powder N8 Cappuccino
Highlight -
Contour - elf Clarifying Pressed Powder Tone 4 (SPICE)

Primer - Urban Decay Primer Potion *gift
Secondary Primer -  Mobile Lid to Crease MAC Paint Pot SOFT OCHRE
Highlight Area to Crease - Make Up For Ever Camouflauge Palette #4, Lightest Tone Only
Mobile Lid - MAC Pigment PRIMARY YELLOW *gift, applied wet with MAC Fix Plus
Crease - L'Oreal Matte SUEDE BROWN
Outer V - Borghese Warm Brown
Highlight - Coastal Scents 88 Palette H1
Top Lashline - Wet N Wild H20 Liquid Liner Black
Bottom Underlashline - Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil ZERO *gift
Mascara - MAC Zoomlash ZOOMBLACK, CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof VERY BLACK

Base - L'Oreal HiP Blendable Blushing Cream ENAMOURED
Set - Milani Baked Powder Blush MAI TAI,
Milani ROSE ORO *sent to me for review (coming soon)

Fill - MAC (Creamsheen) EVERHIP Lipstick - LE

Do you own any MAC Pigments?
What makeup would you have worn with these feather earrings?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Look Of The Day - (LOTD) - Pink Feathers

I am working to wear all of my newly acquired feather earrings.
Yes I am determined to make Spring officially come sooner, despite
low temperatures. It was drizzling and overcast today when I set out to
run a few errands. The feather earrings is on trend with the tribal trend for Spring.
I am also totally obsessed with neutral eyeshadow.

Oddly enough, my new pink feather earrings match my
Make Up For Ever #36 lipstick. I toned it down a little
with NK Auto Liner in BERRY as well as
Milani 3D Glitzy Gloss in FASHION DIVA.
This is one of my favorite looks.

Yet another neutral eyeshadow look. I can't get enough of it!

Primer - Urban Decay Primer Potion (this was a gift)
Secondary Base - MAC Paint Pot SOFT OCHRE (lash to brow)
Mobile Lid - Urban Decay NAKED, Coastal Scents 88 Palette H1
Crease - Urban Decay BUCK
Outer V - L'Oreal HiP Eyeshadow Duo BRAZEN (brown side only)
Outer 1/3rd of Mobile Lid - Borghese WARM BROWN
Transition - L'Oreal Matte SUEDE BROWN
Highlight - NYX Nude On Nude Palette B3, L'Oreal HiP Loose Eyeshadow Pigment RESTLESS
TopLash Line - WnW H20 Liner BLACK
Bottom Lashline - Urban Decay 24/7 Liner Pencil ZERO (this was a gift)
Mascara - MAC ZoomLash ZOOMBLACK, CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof VERY BLACK

Base - L'Oreal HiP Blendable Blushing Cream COQUETTE
Set - Rock & Republic Contrived Powder Blush XRATED (this was a gift)

Do you have any feather earrings?
How do you feel about neutral eyeshadow looks?


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